Agriculture and Resources of Greece

C. Leinweaver

What were the Natural Resources and Agriculture of Greece?

The natural resources of Greece are minerals, Nickel, Bauxite, and ore. Greece has thickly forest mountions. The trees were cut down and soil was lost, so people were encouraged to plant olive trees to stop this. The tree roots were too deep to hold good top soil so this did not work.

Agriculture of greece included growing olive trees,grape vines, and fig trees. They raised goats and sheep for food and milk. People traded for some goods they couldn't grow. They ate a lot of seafood because they have a lot of coastline. They fished for fish, shellfish, squid, and octopus. Greeks grew barley and wheat . They raised bees for honey.

Where Were Greece's Natural Resources?

Most of the terrain was rocky mountains without much land for farming. Since Greece has many islands, a lot of greece had a coastline.

When Was Greece Started?

Ancient Greece was approximately from1500 BC 200 BC.

Why did the Greeks Grow and Use these Products?

Greeks made olive oil for eating and uses. Olives grow well in Mediterranean Climate like California where it is hot and dry in the summer and wet, cool winters. Cereal grains also grew well there. Fishing was easy and close because of the coastline and islands. There was shallow water which was warm and had lots of fish.
Ancient Fishing in Ancient Greece