David Suzuki

Leadership - Tony


David Suzuki, a Japanese-Canadian that is an environmental activist. An environmental activist is a job/role where you educate people on the current state of our planet. They try to educate them about Global Warming and Extinction and others like that. Through the education, the activist would encourage them to make this world a better place such as help reduce global warming.

What makes David Suzuki a leader?

What a leader does is encourage people to do something that could either be right or something right in their mind. Leaders lead people into a better place or environment. David Suzuki is a leader because what he is doing is having people pay more attention to what is happening to the Earth right now. As people pay more attention to the Earth, more people would try to make this world a better place for them and the future to live in.
Suzuki has made such a huge impact in the world that he is recognized by many people as one of the greatest leaders. Suzuki has moved the world in a way that would change the future. The world would live longer and would be a lot cleaner. Without him, the world would be a dark, hot, boring planet as everything would start dying. Suzuki has also created the David Suzuki Foundation which is a group of people who help conserve our planet.

What did he do to show leadership?

Suzuki has created solutions to conserve our planet. He and the David Suzuki has made a huge difference in the world that made people give attention to our planet which is a sign of leadership. He has the power to make people believe what he says and he is using that power in a good way. He is using that power to make this planet a better place.

Some Leadership Traits David Suzuki Has

Suzuki has many traits that makes him a leader. My 3 that I have is that he is Rewarding, Resourceful, and Well Educated. Suzuki is very rewarding as he has multiple rewards for his actions. He is also very resourceful as he has a website explaining the current problems and solutions that are upcoming. The blog is always updated with posts about things such as events. Suzuki has many degree making him very well educated. He has also worked at many environmental jobs which gives him some past experiences.

Lessons of Mandela

The 3 things from the Lessons by Mandela he showed was Leading from the Front, Leading from the back and Appearance. David Suzuki lead from the front and at the same time, form the back. By leading in the back, his followers would think they are more involved. Leading from the front is attacking head on. David Suzuki also showed appearance as he would always dress nicely and always smiled. He would pretty much be the kind old man that you know.


David Suzuki is a great leader and voted as the greatest Canadian leader. He is a leader that bring people to realize what is needs to be done in this planet