School all year long

Achieve 3000 Article

1)Central Idea-Having school all year is a good idea

Textual Evidence

In paragraph 5 page 1 sentence one it states "Education officials say that the year-round calendar can also help overcrowded districts save money."

And in page 1 paragraph 4 the author states "The kids don't get as bored for the long break in the summer, and it's good to have a couple of breaks in the middle of the year," Oelrich said. "[The kids] are happier. And…the teachers don't waste so much time reviewing."

2)Central Idea-Traditional calender is better

Textual Evidence

In the text it states "Opponents note that it costs more to run these schools."

On page 1 paragraph 7 the author states "The summer break provides important opportunities for family time and travel. They say the long summer break also gives kids a chance to work summer jobs. Summer jobs help teens earn money and gain work experience."