Sparkling Pride

Leader update

May week 3 Leader check in!

Quick VOLUME check in! Here is where your team should be today to be pacing on track to hit your payrank GOAL!

Assoc Stylist 1290 TQV

Sr Stylist 2581

Star 5161

Assoc Director 10,323

Director 25,807

Sparkling Pride is at 20,540 TQV, with 6 qualified legs.

Just to update everyone, our current Star legs are Korin Coppeta (Moxie Pride) and Andrine Walker (Stellanistas).

I am continuing to pace our team for Director as we strengthen our current Star legs and grow new ones!

This is the halfway point in the month! Are you on track? Will you continue to be on track to finish the month? What do you need to adjust? With Dot Dollars being announced, everyone can surely book one more show-- it is the best time for "flex" stylists to hold their own trunk show and double dip! They will get a second round of orders from Dot Dollars!

I believe in you all that you can hit whatever goal you have been working towards!

Take 5 min and look at your reports this morning. Who is close to qualifying that can help you hit TQV or payrank? Who is close to earning another month towards their StyleFix pass? Reach out now! Give them ideas to grab a few more orders and cheer them on! Teamwork makes the dream work!!

Other news:

Please make sure new stylists are launching and encouraged! In their Jumpstart, you should be talking weekly, and then after that you can move to every other week or once a month depending on their goals. Allyson Houchen is doing a New Stylist Zoom on Tues night 5/17 so make sure they know about that!

I will be doing a Zoom on Wed 5/18 at 12PM EST to cover Dot Dollars. I will try to record this but remember if you are at work and can't watch, you can also call in and listen. I will try to record it for those who can't hop on. Dot Dollars is an incredible perk both for customers AND us, and over the years I have learned some great ways to maximize this perk that I want you to do too!

QVC airing is tonight! I am NOT posting or even mentioning this to my customers because I want my existing customers and contacts to shop with me, NOT on QVC. The QVC "trunk show commercial" is to get us new exposure that will result in new leads! (Aren't you glad you qualified last month so you can get these leads if they are in your area??!!) I had ONE customer who saw it and asked me about it. That's it!! I told her it will be styles she already knows and some of the pieces she actually has! I also told her that I will not get commission from any of the items sold through QVC, so if she sees something she likes, for her to call me and I'll get her all set!

I will be in the car this afternoon as well as tomorrow, traveling to Philly area for the QVC filming! If anyone needs to chat, this will be a good time to get me! Just let me know!

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RockSTAR Leader Huddle TODAY

Senior stylists and above! Huddle with our RockSTAR leader Cindy Rodehamel at 12PM EST today. Please watch the RockSTAR leader page for info on if this will be a call, zoom, or FB live!

Home Office Star+ Leader Call TODAY

Hop on at 1PM EST! RockSTAR Erin Reckner will be the featured speaker. Erin is an incredible stylist and leader, and is a good friend of mine. I have learned so much from her and I am sure you will too!
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Thank you for all you to do lead your teams! XO