Weekly Update - March 25, 2022

Strive Center for Autism

Pet visits

Now we've added visits from a bearded dragon, a cat, another dog, and even a sandhill crane (not really a pet, but an animal anyway!) The kids are loving the pet visits and they have been so gentle with the pets. Thank you to Emily, Courtney, and Katie for bringing pets in to Brighton this week.

Reporting Absences

This is a friendly reminder that all of our therapy is conducted 1:1 with a trained therapist. This means that there is a Strive staff member arriving at the center every day whose sole focus is your child! This also means that when your child is absent, we need as much notice as possible in order to adjust our staff schedule.

We are moving our form for scheduled absences to an online form. You will use this form in place of the old paper one for any absence you have planned more than one day in advance, including appointments or vacations. The link is available here, and will be shared with all families via Remind as well.

For unexpected absences, such as illness, we ask that you continue to call our attendance line at 810-344-8082, ext. 1 for Brighton, ext. 2 for Burton. We understand that parents have emailed or messaged individual staff members for these absences in the past, but we ask that you call this number, as it informs ALL relevant staff members at one time, ensuring your message doesn't get lost if one staff member is out of the office that day.

Again, use the online form for scheduled absences.

Call the attendance line for unexpected absences at 810-344-8082, ext. 1 for Brighton, ext. 2 for Burton.

Big picture

Meet Nahemae, RBT in Burton

Nahemae started at the Strive Center in April of 2018, so she's been with us for almost 4 years! She has a bachelor’s degree from University of Michigan – Flint.

She previously worked at Helping Hands, Whaley’s Children Center. She also had an externship within the Genesee Health System.

Nahemae enjoys swimming and boating, and spending time with her family.

Therapist Switch Time

Spring is (sort of!) here, and we are planning our regular 3 month therapist switch in April.

For some families, your child will be working with someone you may not have worked with before, for some, it will be a return to an old friend. Please keep in mind that switching therapists is important for your children for several reasons:

• It allows generalization of skills, to ensure that your child can respond to any teacher

• It helps to reinforce flexibility and a positive response to changes

• It gives your child a fun and different perspective, with a new person to play with

As parents, the most important thing you can do is say positive things about your child's therapist in front of him - "Look - it's Jill! You're going to have so much fun with her this morning!" or "It sounds like you had a great time with Sue this afternoon!"

We will continue to add profiles of our therapists to the newsletters and to our Facebook page, in the hopes that you'll feel like you're getting to know our therapists a little better. You can also pull up those profiles and pictures to show your child who he's going to work with on a given day, or talk about what he did with her earlier that day.

Switching therapists is an important step in preparing your child for school and other settings, and we thank you for your support.


Friday, April 15th, 8am

Burton and Brighton

Both locations will be CLOSED on Friday, April 15th for Good Friday. Enjoy the long weekend!