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Instructional Coaches Goal

Improve student learning by providing continuous, relevant, and job-embedded support to teachers with a focus on:
  • Technology Integration
  • ELL/GT: differentiated instruction
  • Curriculum: 5 non-negotiables & 7,9, 10, 1

My Schedule...

I have included the next 2 weeks as next week is short :)

I am at an Infinite Campus training Monday & Tuesday.

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iPad Camps: Teachers, Parents & Students

Front Row UPDATE!

Way to GO!!!! You guys have really taken off using Front Row to progress monitor and provide differentiation for your students in ELA & Math.

Some of you have decided you would like to utilize all of the tools, therefore you created your own class and moved your students over. If you would like to do this...

  1. Create your own class using your google account
  2. Log into the RV google account using a new window (File, New Incognito Window)
  3. Click Manage Rosters
  4. Select your students then choose the TRANSFER drop down: to move your students to your class.

Front Row Math & ELA (All the info if you want to get started)

After hearing a lot of conversations about students needing to practice fact fluency I started looking and asking around for a resource that is free and could easily differentiate the learning for our students. Misty Jones suggested looking into Front Row, an APP and web based program for ELA & Math. Front Row is an amazing resource that we are able to try for free. I have set up a school account through ridgeview.elementary@moffatsd.org. All of the students have accounts (let me know if you are missing any). Below is the log in information: class code.

See the video below for an explanation of the program. It tracks student progress by skills and standards, and differentiates lessons just for them. There are some additional features such as class lessons or texts by standard if you create your own account. For now, it might be a nice way for intervention and classroom teachers to track student growth and progress. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like support.

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Front Row Introduction

Classroom Environment: Using our Walls to Teach

As I walk through the classrooms of our school, I am always impressed by the way students are using the walls of their classrooms as a resource... much like a 2nd teacher. I am always amazed by the perfectly illustrated anchor charts, word walls and signs of information that students are constantly accessing. During learning walks I observed a variety of clever ways that teachers are using their walls to teach: in Mrs Stammler's room, a small notebook with charts and sentence starters that she could quickly change during reading rotations, or in Mrs Trapp's room when she created her anchor chart on the spot with kids on NonFiction Reading using notecards.

Teaching Like a Champion author Doug Lemov's gives us these tips in his article, "What's on Your Walls."

The first rule of thumb for walls in the best classrooms is that they should help, not harm. This means that they should avoid clutter and over-stimulating too-much-ness. A few critical things should be up, and they should not distract students’ attention from the primary instructional space by being too close to it. Posted items are best when they focus on useful tools: reminders of key steps in adding fractions; examples of common themes; seven types of conflict in a story; pictures representing recent vocabulary words; rules for bathroom use; phrase starters for agreeing or disagreeing with a peer during discussion. - See more at: http://teachlikeachampion.com/blog/whats-walls/#sthash.mPA4alPz.dpuf