Ancient Egypt Government

Kendal Page


Pharaoh was in charge of everything and owned everything. Each Pharaoh had an army, a police force, and a bunch of ministers and government officials to help Pharaoh rule the country. A very important helper to the Pharaoh is the Vizier. The Vizier's job is to tell the Pharaoh what's happening in Egypt.

Government and Priest

The government included Viziers, Governors, and Mayors. Mayors and Governors collected taxes, looked over all of the construction happening, and served as judges. The Priest help guide the people of Egypt and led religious ceremonies.


All of Ancient Egypt's soldiers were well trained. Soldiers fought on foot or by horse and chariot. If you fought on foot you used spears, axes and a shield. On a chariot you used a bow and arrow. When their wasn't a war, soldiers worked for the government. They dug stuff for farms or built temples.


Scribes collected taxes, wrote letters between government officials, recorded court cases and kept official histories done in hieroglyphics.