A message from the Principal

June 5, 2020

End of the Year Activities

As the year comes to a close, there are many activities that are held during a typical year for closure and celebration. As a staff, we have found ways to continue many of these important activities.

Over the next week, you will find classrooms asking students to reflect and celebrate their learning this year. There will be slideshows, virtual showcases and Google Slide Yearbooks just to name a few ways classes will be celebrating and providing closure for students.

Reverse Drive-by

Beginning Wednesday June 10th each grade level will schedule a reverse drive by at the school. Students will have the opportunity to drive to the school to see and wave to their teachers. More information will be forthcoming but here is the dates and time so you can plan accordingly.

Wednesday, June 10th Friends 1&2 at 1:00, 1st Grade at 5:00, 3rd Grade at 6:00

Thursday, June 11th 2nd Grade at 5:00,

Friday, June 12th Kindergarten at 1:00

Monday, June 15th, 4th grade at 1:00, Preschool at 4:00

Wednesday, June 17th, 5th Grade - more information below.

Virtual Field Day

Each year, we have a Field Day for students. Mr. Berthiaume is creating a virtual Field Day that will be held on Monday, June 15th. A variety of options will be available for students to be able to participate. We will ask students to wear a specific color for their grade level on that day. Students can post themself to Twitter with the hashtag #MREspirit or Tweet at the school @MREschool doing their field day activities.

Move-Up Day

On June 16th, each grade level will be invited to meet their new teacher in a Google Meet for our traditional Move Up Day. A schedule will be sent out next week so families can set aside time so their child can meet their new teacher and see their new classmates.

5th Grade Recognition

After being Mary Rowlandson students for at least 6 years, Fifth Grade students will be moving to Luther Burbank Middle School in the fall and leaving the MRE community. Each year we hold a Fifth Grade Celebration Ceremony to recognize the students accomplishments and efforts. This year will be no different. We will be virtually holding a Fifth Grade Celebration Ceremony on June 17th at 9:00 in the morning. After the virtual ceremony, families will be invited to drive by the school to wave to the Fifth Grade teachers and Specialists. Fifth Grade parents will receive more detailed information next week about how to attend.

Resources for parents

During the Mary Rowlandson School Council meeting yesterday, we discussed the extreme challenges that are being experienced by the nation at this moment. These events provoke a great deal of emotions and concerns. Being out of school and doing remote learning is a challenge for many reasons but it is very hard during a time like this. If we were in school, this would be an opportunity for us to collaborate and help students process the events and begin to understand what is happening, why it's happening and what is in their control. A starting point for our conversations would be the school’s mission statement.

Our school mission statement says:

Imagine a school….

In which all children achieve at high levels, regardless of their backgrounds…

That treats all children as gifted,

and builds on their talents through enrichment strategies,

independent research, problem solving,

science, writing, music and art.

This is an underpinning of our community and how we approach teaching our children. It is a mission statement that we review regularly as a staff and with the students.

At the School Council meeting, the council suggested that some resources for parents to be able to speak to their children would be helpful. Below are a few links to help guide conversations around equity, equality and racism.

Talking About Race

How to Talk with Children about Racism

Raising Race Conscious Children

Mary Rowlandson Elementary

As the school building continues to be closed, please email with any questions you may have. We will work to respond to you within 24 hours. Thank you!