One Pager On Defending The Coast

Ethan Love

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Eight Facts

  • Confederate General John Bankhead Magruder led the Confederate assault at Galveston on January 1, 1863.
  • U.S forces captured Galveston in October 1862.
  • In early January 1863, the 210-foot steam warship USS Hatteras was stationed off Galveston during the Union bombardment of the city.
  • Hatteras was sunken offshore by the Confederate forces.
  • Brownsville, Esparanza and Indianola fell under Union control briefly.
  • The Union outnumbered the Confederacy thousands to 40, but the Confederates still won.
  • The Confederates had captured 300 prisoners and stolen two gunboats.
  • Evidence of this battle still remains on the ocean floor.

Generals Of The War

Personal Statement

This article told me about a battle that happened in the civil war. I like this because the there is still Union ship evidence on the ocean floor, and this to me is an artifact from the Union and what they used against the Confederates. I also admire the Confederates spirit. Even though they were severely outnumbered they were still able to win the battle. I believe this is a major part in the war because the defeat of the Union contributed to them fighting harder to pull out and win the war.

Questions And Answers

1. Why did the Confederates win the battle while being outnumbered? The Confederates shot at the Union from the sea with impressive accuracy.

2. Why did the Union lose the battle? The Union was unprepared to fight and did not have a plan.

3. How did USS Hatteras sink so fast? The ship sunk so fast because the Union did not see the Confederates coming.

Confederate Flag

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One Quote Or Sentence That Was Important

One sentence that really stood out me in my article was: "The Confederates were severely outnumbered yet they remained dedicated to their cause and notched an unexpected victory." To me this is very important because it shows courage and spirit which was one of the Confederates strongpoints in the war.