Cell theory

By Elizabeth Gilbertson

Cell theory

The three steps to the cell theory are

1) All organisms are composed of one or more cells

2)The cell is the most basic unit of structure,function and organization in all organisms

3)All cells arise from pre existing living cells

Scientist involved

Robert Hooke,discover the cell in 1665, while looking at thin slices of cork. He thought that it looked like cells so that's what he called them but he didn't know that they were living he though that it was empty cell walls of plant tissue.

Anton van Leeuwenhoek was the first man to witness the cell in 1674 as living. Anton used much better lenses and could see the cell much clearer.

Theodor Schwann,Matthias Schlieden and Rudolf Virchow created the cell theory. Theodor suggested in 1839 that cells are the basic unit of life, and proposed a method called “free cell theory" which some of his colleagues did not agree to. In 1855 Rudolf Virchow concluded all cells come from pre existing cells. Matthias Schlieden and Theodor Schwann were the first to formulate the principles of biology in 1838. Schlieden also discovered the cell nucleus and cell division.