Digital Coaches' Corner

Issue 5 10/20/15

Classrooms of the Week

Mrs. Fessler's Twitter Mathematicians

Mrs. Fessler's class created their own Twitter account (@2ndgradesmartie). They are communicating with other second grade classes around the World. One class they are working with is in Australia. This is a great real geography lesson for these students. Below is their post from last week. The class works together to solve math problems and then they post their favorite methods. Other classes, even commented on their post.
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Mr. Crnokrak's World History Classes

Mr. Nick Crnokrak's World History classes recently participated in a zombie apocalypse. Students were studying the ancient Middle East and Egypt. As part of their learning experience, students were grouped together in different class systems and geographic areas and challenged to survive the apocalypse. Students used QR codes that were placed around the high school to get the information needed for each day's events. While participating in the activity, students learned about the terrain of the area, climate, class systems, weapons available, food sources, landmarks, maps skills and team work. Students put together a presentation on their experiences and created either a brochure to warn of the apocalypse or a news program. Check out the pictures and links below. Video and Presentation