Boston Tea Party

By: Eric Neutzling

What caused it

  • British imposed the Stamp Act and Townsend act.
  • British removed all taxes but tea.
  • British passed tea act, allowing company to sell cheaper tea.
  • To ruin smugglers who charged more.
  • Americans were still mad about tax.
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What happened

  • 3 ships loaded with tea went to Boston harbor.
  • Sons of Liberty didn't let ships unload.
  • Threatened to kill anyone who tried to unload tea.
  • Ships were going to leave, but Governor of Massachusetts ordered ships to unload.

Days before the Boston Tea Party

  • December 16th 1773
  • 50 sons of liberty participated
  • Dressed as Mohawk Indians
  • Boarded the tea ships.
  • Different stories about the crew and what the were doing.
  • Some said that the Indians locked them in the hold, others said the crew wasn't there.
  • Dumped 342 boxes of tea.
  • Everyone escaped.

Boston Tea Party

Results of the Boston Tea Party

  • Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts.
  • Closed Boston Harbor.
  • Gave the Americans courage.
  • Led to the first Continental Congress.
  • Sparked the civil war.
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