Interior designing and photography

By Josie.G.Hamre

Interior designing

I chose interior designing because I really like to design and create new things, and I like to do all kinds of crafts. Some things interior designers do are select materials or props, draw detailed or technical illustration, and develop artistic or design concepts for decoration, exhibition, or commercial purposes. You will need at least a bachelor's degree in order to be a interior designer. With this job you will make approximately $21.14 per hour. Right now there are about 54,900 interior designers, and there will need to be at least 310 designers between 2012-2022. There will be an increase because of retirement and how more houses are being built. Lastly some jobs related to interior designing is kitchen designer, decorating consultant, and a interior design consultant.


My second choice would be photography. If I did chose this job I would get more specific and be a nature photographer. I would chose a nature photographer because I really like the outdoors and I love animals. Some things a photographer does is creates computer generated graphics or aminations, research new technologies and convert data among multiple digital or analog formats. In order to have this job you will need your high school diploma or your equivalent. You will probably make around $17.35 per hour. Right know there are 136,300 photographers, and it will increase about 5,900 from 2012-2022. It will increase due to retirement. Some similar jobs to Nature photographer are photo editor, photo journalist, and a studio photographer.