Cassia has been always an average 17-year old girl until the day; society decides each girl’s match. Cassia gets matched to Xander one of her best friends but another face appears on the screen cassia has to choose one of them either Xander the boy she knew her whole life or Ky the other boy, a whole new path, she experiences many problems and trying to find the mystery of Ky and how his picture appeared on the screen.


Fiction, Romance

Character descriptions

1) Cassia Reyes: a 17 year old girl she lives with her parents and her brother. She has brown hair and green eyes

2) Xander Carrow: Cassia childhood best friend; he gets good grades and always tries to help cassia, he has blonde hair and blue eyes

3) Ky Markham: he is an aberration from an outer province and he was sent to live with his aunt and uncle: Aida and Patrick, he has brown hair and blue eyes

Book recommendation

I would recommend this book to someone who likes books like the hunger games or twilight, someone who likes romance with action at the same time