PLAT Announcements


Practice Schedule Changes

Please see the Practice Changes on the web site under the “Practice Changes” tab on front page. Always check this EVERYDAY before heading out to practice. THERE ARE CHANGES for next week. PLEASE LOOK!!

Upcoming Meets

Gulf Open Water Championships (this Sun. Oct. 4)

Meet information is now posted on the front page of the web site. Please check under this meet title.

Oct. Gulf Open Meet 10-10 & 10-11

Meet Information and Warm up times will be posted next week. PLAT Family Timing sign up will be sent out next week from Julie Kerr. Please be on the “look out” for that. All families attending will need to plan to help with team timing assignments. If you are sending your swimmers with another family, you will need to find another family to cover for you. Please do not ask the coaches to find another family for you. This is your responsibility.

Nov. Gulf Open Meet. Nov. 14 – 15

Preliminary met information is posted. Please go log in and sign up your swimmers ASAP.

2015-2016 PLAT Team T-Shirts and Caps

These will all be distributed this next week before Friday.


Please mark your calendar for this date. More information as well as parent meeting will be announced and posted soon. WE NEED EVERYONES HELP RAISING MONEY FOR THE TEAM. Information packets will be emailed out soon.

Billing Reminders

our online billing statement is a fluid document and may change throughout the month as meet fees, apparel fees and similar non-recurring fees are charged. Please notify Mary Spano at of any perceived errors on your bill before the 24th of the month so corrections can be made before being billed on the first of the next month.

It is your responsibility to update expired and closed account information before your account is billed. We are billed for any type of declined charges, and these charges will be passed along to you resulting in a $35.00 charge to your account.PLEASE do not send credit card information via email! You may update your own information online. Log in to your account, click My Account/My Account/$Payment Set-up.

Families register for a program that lasts an entire Swim Season which is a year long. Payments are due even if a swimmer takes time off for vacations, holidays, illness or other reasons. This policy applies to Water Buddies & FIT Group families as well. Even if a clinic swimmer misses due to personal reasons. For questions, please review the billing policy: