Hailey and Lara's flyer

Mrs. Martins Digital Literacy period 4


Freshman coming into Digital Literacy should expect a lot of hands-on projects and a lot of discussion. Digital Literacy is a paper-less class with a lot of presentations to the class. It is a course in High School that you should take to learn things about the digital world for the future. I learned a lot about the digital world that I never knew. We did a lot of projects including something called WEB 2.0, where you get assigned a brand new website and you have to learn how to use it while being able to show the class how it can benefit them in the future. The biggest project that we did this year was called Genius Hour, which was where we were given a lot of freedom with this project. We were able to pick a topic of our choice and be able to do an experiment on it. A lot of people did their project on how to create make-up, how to draw art, how to make bath bombs, and other things that were very interesting to learn about. I recommend Digital Literacy in all schools because it teaches kids about how to maintain their image online.
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As freshman this year, we think we know everything about the internet, but we learned that we do not know everything. Dig lit has taught me to be careful about what I post online and what I say online because once you post something online, it NEVER will go away. We did a project where we had to research ourselves and find things that we didn't know were on the internet concerning us. It was interesting because I learned things that I never knew about. I liked Digital Literacy a lot and I hope next years freshman do too.
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