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Parent Edition, 15 November 2015

From the Principal's Desk / Desde el escritorio del director

Dear Zarrow Family,

I hope that you all have been enjoying this wonderful school year! It has been very exciting for me to learn more about our school, our district, and how we are ensuring that we provide the best education for your children. For this reason, I have decided to share some important testing information with you regarding benchmark testing for grades KG-5th grade. Currently, we use CPAA (only in Spanish) for KG-2nd grade, MAP, SRI, and SMI (only in English) for 3rd grade, and SRI and SMI (only in English) for 4th-5th grade. There are links provided below that explain, in detail, what these assessments are and how we use them for our purposes in our classrooms. These benchmarks help us keep a pulse on the students’ progression in content and in language, both in English and in Spanish. We want to always make sure that our number one focus is on student learning, while at the same time ensuring that we are creating bilingual and biliterate citizens.

My best to you all, and thank you for your support in Zarrow International Elementary School!


Sr. Kellito

Querida Familia de Zarrow,

¡Espero que todos ustedes hayan estado disfrutando de este maravilloso año escolar! Ha sido muy emocionante para mí para aprender más acerca de nuestra escuela, el distrito, y cómo estamos asegurando que ofrecemos la mejor educación para sus hijos. Por esta razón, he decidido compartir algunos datos de pruebas importantes con usted en relación con las pruebas de referencia para los grados KG-quinto grado. Actualmente, utilizamos CPAA (sólo en español) para KG-segundo grado, MAP, SRI, y SMI (sólo en inglés) para el 3er grado, y SRI y SMI (sólo en inglés) para el cuarto a quinto grado. Hay enlaces que aparecen a continuación, que explican en detalle, lo que estas evaluaciones son y cómo las utilizamos para nuestros propósitos en nuestras aulas. Estos puntos de referencia nos ayudan a mantener un pulso en la progresión de los estudiantes en el contenido y en el lenguaje, tanto en inglés como en español. Queremos asegurarnos siempre de que nuestra principal atención se centra en el aprendizaje del estudiante, mientras que al mismo tiempo, garantizar que estamos creando ciudadanos bilingües y bialfabetizados.

¡Mis mejores deseos para todos ustedes, y gracias por su apoyo en la Escuela Primaria Zarrow Internacional!


*Si usted desea más información en español que me avise por favor.

CPAA -English-- https://www.nwea.org/resources/cpaa-parent-faq-english/

CPAA - Spanish-- https://www.nwea.org/resources/cpaa-parent-faq-spanish/

MAP – English - https://www.nwea.org/assessments/map/

SRI – English - http://teacher.scholastic.com/products/product_info/pdf/SRI_Research%20Summary_Revised.pdf

SMI – English - http://hobart.schoolwires.com/cms/lib/IN01000440/Centricity/Domain/27/Scholastic%20%20SRI%20%20SMI.pdf (taken from Hobart Schools’ website)

Vision Statement

One Child, Two Languages- Unlimited Possibilities

Un Niño, dos Lenguas- Posibilidades Ilimitadas

Mission Statement

We will provide and assist each student with a well-rounded and differentiated education that is centered around the immersion of the Spanish language and cultures to prepare them for a more global society.

Proveeremos y ayudaremos a cada estudiante con una educación diferenciada y completa que se centralice en la inmersión del lenguaje Español y sus culturas para prepararlos para una sociedad más global.

PTA News

From the President:

As we enter into the Thanksgiving holiday, take a few moments and look around Zarrow International. I compare it to the school my sister teaches at and I realize how truly fortunate my children are to be in THIS Tulsa PUBLIC school. Our teachers are first rate and don't just teach. They engage our children. The paras in the classroom have as great an impact through reinforcing what is taught every day. Our support staff - ELL teacher, Resource teacher, SPARK teacher, Speech teacher, Humanities staff, librarian and assistant - they all weave their time into each day effortlessly providing that extra support to students. Aftercare staff, kitchen crew, janitorial staff, Mrs. Butler, Nalleli and the nurse - all cogs in the wheel that would fall apart without them. Kaitlin. The support person extraordinaire. She is like Atlas holding the world in her hands, in this case our school. If she doesn't have the answer, she'll get it. And Sr. Kellito. There's a new excitement in the air over the past few months - it's seen on his face as he greets students and parents every morning; when he is talking to a teacher or staff member. He doesn't just say the words "We are the best school in the nation"; he truly believes it and comes to work every day with that attitude.

I'm grateful for this year's PTA board that has done amazing things the past 3 1/2 months - Anne Gilbert with Fall Fundraiser, Leena Alam and Supper Club - WOW, the choices so far are incredible and parents, your support is astounding! Phyllis Masson - trying to figure out and pressing forward with electronic purple folders. There have been and possibly will still be challenges, but she's trying to make it as seemless as possible. Liz Turner did a great job with the directory (as always), JJ Burnam has been at so many activities taking pictures so that there are items for yearbook, Rachael Getter has taken over PTA Meeting Childcare and I loved seeing the paper turkeys the kids made last week. Tamika Crissup once again did a fabulous job working with Sra. Lagers for the Fall Book Fair - you guys once again exceed expectations! Lisa Jones & Michelle Shewey taking care of Team Zarrow Race Gear and Spirit Wear respectively. Dave Williams & Sandy Long with Science Enrichment - I've had the pleasure of assisting with both first and fourth grade enrichments and these two are knocking it out of the park. There are so many others that have worked and will be working to help make this school year a great experience for all of us and most importantly for our children. This PTA is such a success because of each board member and committee chair. Thank you all for your time and work!

Finally I want to thank you parents for your support with all things PTA. I share with you a purchase that was made for Sra. Tamez's kinder class. The carpet they sit on was old and tattered and extremely well worn. You have purchased a new one for her classroom and here's how the children feel!

Big image
Big image

I'll close out with how our children start every day; shout it with me "Nos samos pavos; samos AGUILAS!!". I hope you all have a fun, restful, blessed Thanksgiving holiday.

Sharon Catalano

PTA President

Viva Zarrow

Zarrow Families:

Viva Zarrow is coming! Please make sure and get March 5th at 7pm on your calendar. We are headed back to the 80’s for this fun adult-only celebration! This fundraiser raises money to help fund so many things that our PTA is able to do and that means the money raised directly benefits each child that attends Viva Zarrow. I encourage every one to find where they can plug in and help out. The Viva Zarrow committee is already working really hard to get things going and that means great opportunities for every one to find their place.

Admission tickets are on sale now! Visit http://zis.schoolauction.net/vz2016. There are two types of 7pm admission tickets, General Admission and VIP Admission. General Admission is $25. VIP Admission is $45 and includes a wristband for the bar. VIP tickets are only available until February 22nd. After that the VIP option will not available and the General Admission ticket price increases to $35.

How can you help?

*Corporate Sponsorships: Sponsorship letters are going out very soon. If you have information on a company that we could contact about sponsoring the event please contact Amber Remke (amber.remke@gmail.com). There are several levels of sponsorships available and different benefits to each level. This is also a fantastic way to purchase admission tickets and invite friends and family to attend.

*Donate! Donate! Donate! Donations make this event possible! And we can’t do it without your help. Please consider those people in your “circle” that you know would be willing to donate goods and services to our fundraiser. Think about those people you already have established relationships with that you can pull from to make donation requests. It’s a lot easier to get donated items when there is already that established relationships. Areas where donations are needed:

- Live Auction: We are looking for those big ticket items that be auctioned during the live event. Some ideas: vacation house rentals, orthodontia packages, weekend get-away packages. Please let me know if you have information on these types of big ticket items

- Silent Auction: Consider getting items donated to create a basket or bundle of goodies. We will be doing a special incentive for those that are able to get a donated basket worth at least $50. So be watching for more information on that.

- Wine Pull, Gift Card Pull: We need everyone to be thinking about wine bottle and gift card donations as we head into the holiday season. Any leftover unopened holiday wine, please consider donating it to VZ. Also when you are picking up a bottle for a holiday party or family get togethers consider picking up an extra bottle then. Same idea on gift cards. When you pick up that bundle of 4 gift cards to give away around the holiday and end up only using 3 of them, consider donating that last one to VZ. Wine and gift card donations should be worth at least $20.

Lastly, we are looking for a few items to help with decorating. We need donated cassette tapes and 1980’s movie VHS tapes. If you have these available please let me know!

We are really looking forward to Viva Zarrow and hope you are as well!

Please contact me with any questions!

Rachel Simpson

Viva Zarrow Chair


¡Buen Provecho! ZIS Cookbook Information

Foundation Focus

- Thank you for donating to the SOS fund drive. We surpassed our goal - raising $23,826!

- ALL STUDENTS earned a superhero dress day and superhero assembly on Nov. 24. Details coming soon.

- You will receive information regarding the family incentives before the holiday break.

- Foundation is now turning its focus to fenceline advertising. If you own a small business or know of a business that may want to advertise on our highly-trafficked fenceline, contact Vanessa McLearen at vmclearen@cox.net.

- Thanks for supporting the Fancy Fundraiser! We raised $2,500 for paras.

- Rustic Cuffs will be here in early December. Pick-up times will be announced to avoid ruining Christmas surprises.

- Check out our website at zarrowschoolfoundation.org. It has a new video, pictures, and other Foundation information.

A Word from the Counselor

“We count our blessings at Thanksgiving, but by making it a year round habit, we could be living healthier, happier lives”.

Lynne Meredith Schreiber

Every November, American families make an event of setting aside one day for giving thanks. I remember one Thanksgiving my family spent at my sister’s. One of their traditions was going around the table and letting each person share a story about a person or an event that made them grateful for being alive and well. The experience was very moving.

This year we at Zarrow have the opportunity to make a difference in Tulsa. We currently have a Food Drive to benefit Christian Minister’s Alliance. The organization gives food baskets at Thanksgiving and at Christmas to families in Tulsa; 25 Zarrow families are recipients of a food basket. I am grateful to be a part of a very generous and giving community that supports the food drive every year!

Children who have more grateful outlooks tend to be happier. That gratitude is genuine appreciation for life and the people in it. It’s more than I have a nice home, nice car, and nice clothes. Whenever children beg for something in the store, have them name two or three toys or games they already have at home for which they are grateful.

As adults we are role models for our children. Finding things to be thankful for is easy, if we take the time to look. When the family sits down for a meal, each person could volunteer what was good about that day. This ritual reinforces showing appreciation and gratitude on a daily basis.

Sometimes when I do not feel appreciation or gratitude, I go outside. Nothing helps ward off depression like bright sunshine and fresh air. And, oh, the autumn leaves will fall, and I will rake my leaves, sometimes daunted by the sheer number of leaves that fall in my yard. The fresh air energizes me and makes me joyful for the many blessings in my life including your children, Sr. Kellito, and the wonderful faculty at Zarrow.

In closing, here are some things for which Zarrow children and faculty express thanks.

“I see people helping each other.” Taylor Suitor

“I am thankful for my school friends.” Liliana

“I am thankful for my little sister, Clara.” Eva Bengel

“I am thankful for Henry Zarrow and ZIS.” Erin Gruhn

“Doy gracias a Dios por permitirme trabajar en Zarrow con mucha gente bella!”

Sra. Astacio

“Soy gracioso de mis padres.” Cy Morton

I am grateful to be a part of all the good things at Zarrow!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Giving Thanks!

Ann Butler

Coming Up:

November 16 - 20 - Beans for Jeans: Bring a canned food item for families in need and the students can wear jeans to school on November 23

November 23 - Skate Night

November 23 - Dinner Club @ Buffalo Wild Wings on 41st Street

November 24 - Super hero dress day and assembly

Thanksgiving Break - Wednesday, November 25 - Sunday, November 29

Friday, December 4 - Early Release