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Mrs. Foley's second grade students integrated their science and mathematical understandings to create an altruistic project to help build wells for those in need of clean water. As of today, the students raised $385 by selling their classroom-grown basil in order to donate their earnings to Ryan's Well Foundation.

You are never too young or too old to make a difference.

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"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." Melody Beattie

Your generosity the left us speechless, and it was a challenge to find the words to adequately express the appreciation we feel. The quote above that says it well.

Your generosity reflects the beauty you display, makes our day joyful, and leaves us with a desire to do more. Thank you, Boone Meadow Families, for showering us with your kindness. We are honored to serve you and your children in this delightful community, and your generosity is humbling.


Lauren and Tom

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BME Family Book Club Night November 14th, 6:00-7:00pm

On Wednesday, November 14, 2018, BME will host Family Book Club night. The Family Book Club project is the result of a partnership among the Zionsville Education Foundation, ZCS elementary schools, and the Butler University College of Education, and is made possible through generous funding from the Duke Energy Foundation.

Each elementary student and his/her family will choose a book by author Eve Bunting. Families will have two weeks to read the book together and begin discussion on the rich topics Ms. Bunting’s books provide. At the end of the two weeks, we will gather at BME for Family Book Club night including a short presentation about the author and breakout discussion groups in a book club-type setting.

Please click or type the link below to select your top three book choices for each student and to RSVP for the Family Book Club at BME on Wednesday, November 14 from 6:00pm-7:00pm. Your RSVP will help us to ensure adequate staffing for rich book club discussions during the evening.

The Eve Bunting titles we will explore are: Dandelions, The Wall, The Wednesday Surprise, and The Memory String. Books will be distributed in your child’s class.


We are rockin’ and rollin’ in Wellness classes this year! Students have been developing teamwork and cooperation skills through fun challenges and activities. Developing key social-emotional skills through physical activities early in the year is crucial and helps keep our students “Strong in Every Way”! We introduced a new parachute activity called “Roller Coaster” that was a super fun and challenging! We also just wrapped up our Halloween activities….Zombie Tag, Ghostbusters, and Haunted House worked on evasion skills, underhand rolling, and agility!

Rollercoaster: Students must figure out how to safely rotate the parachute together, while one or two students “ride” the rollercoaster! Even Mr. Noel gave it a try!

Counselor's Corner

Did you know that kids ages 5 to 12 need 10 to 11 hours of sleep each night? Sleep helps our brains and our bodies.

Your brain needs sleep, so you can:

  • Remember what you learn
  • Pay attention and concentrate
  • Solve problems and think of new ideas

Your body needs sleep, so your:

  • Muscles, bones, and skin can grow
  • Muscles, skin and other parts can fix injuries
  • Body can stay healthy and fight sickness

When children get enough sleep, kids can:

  • Pay better attention in school
  • Be creative and think of new ideas
  • Fight sickness so they stay healthy
  • Be in a good mood
  • Get along with friends and family
  • Solve problems better

Without enough sleep, kids can:

  • Forget what they learned
  • Have trouble making good choices
  • Be grumpy and in a bad mood
  • Have trouble playing games and sports
  • Be less patient with brothers, sisters, and friends
  • Have trouble listening to parents and teachers

Family STEM Project #2

Our second Family STEM Project is to create something that can move! Families have from now until November 14th to create. Please feel free to use your choice of materials and be as creative as you like. Instructions are below. Please return all STEM Projects on November 14th, labeled with your child’s name and teacher’s name.

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Upcoming Events & Important Info

November 4th - Daylight Savings time ends

November 10th - BME Talent Show Rehearsal 2:00pm

November 12th - Veterans Day Program 1:30pm - please see information below

November 14th - PTO Meeting 6:00pm, ZEF Family Book Night

November 17th - BME Talent Show 2:00pm

November 21st-23rd - Thanksgiving Break

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Save the Date! Veterans Day Program

The Boone Meadow students and staff look forward to celebrating our American heroes from 1:30-2:15 on Monday, November 12th, 2018

  • The celebration and presentation from students will begin promptly at 1:30 in our gymnasium.
  • Following the program (at approximately 2:15) our honored Veterans have the option to remain for a reception which will include light treats and drinks. We hope you will be able to join us!
  • Students that have Veteran guests in attendance will be able to remain for the reception. However, all students staying for the reception or have transportation changes will require written consent in order to do so. More information to come.
  • All guests will need to pre-register using the link below.

***Note: Visitor Check-In for Veterans Day Celebration (Required for guests)

On the date of our program, we expect to have a high volume of visitors. To keep our students safe but also manage our visitor check-in system promptly, please make note of the following items:

#1 - Signing in is necessary at front desk if you plan to attend our program.

#2 - Click here to do a pre-registration check-in. It's quick and easy!

  • Page 1: Select the green “Next Step” button.
  • Page 2: Enter your name & birthday when prompted. When it asks for "Building" select Boone Meadow Elementary. Select the green “Next Step” button.
  • Page 3: When prompted for “Person Visiting” use the student’s name, then type “Veterans Day” when it asks for your “Reason for Visit.”
  • It will then ask for the date of the visit. Please use the date of the actual event, November 12, 2018.
  • Disregard the “If you’d like to notify anyone portion…” on this page and hit Next

BME Talent Show

Students and teachers are invited to dust off their tutus, tune up their instruments, and warm up their voices for an afternoon of entertainment for all to enjoy! Mark your calendars for November 17th at 2:00 pm for the BME Talent Show! Sign up begins on Wednesday, October 24th. A flyer should have been sent home this week with more detailed information. Questions can be directed to our PTO planners:, or

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Attention Walkers/Bikers

Due to the falling temperatures and trickier weather, all students walking to school must be escorted by families/guardians to the front doors of the school as our staff will not be at the crosswalk to assist (effective November 1st)! We will let the inclement weather (rain, snow, cold) pass and then our staff will return to assist with the crossing of walkers/bikers in the spring!

Thank you.

Lost and Found is Overflowing!

If your child is missing a coat, hat, mitten, sweatshirt, socks, shoes, water bottle, or anything else, please have him/her check the lost and found. We are overflowing with goodies!
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Texts from SchoolMessenger

From time to time Boone Meadow uses SchoolMessenger to send a text to all of the families. If you haven't been receiving texts from us, you may need to opt-in by sending YES to the SchoolMessenger short code of 68453. Contact Beth Kiel in the front office if you have any questions!

Volunteers and Visitor Background Checks


We value partnerships with our families and welcome parents and guardians to serve as volunteers in our schools. Each ZCS building offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.

Examples include:

  • Field Trip Chaperones
  • Out of Town/Overnight Chaperones
  • Tutors
  • Volunteer Coaches
  • Classroom Helpers (PTO parties/room parents)
  • Library Helpers
  • After Prom Workers
  • Field Day/Jog-A-Thon Volunteers
  • Book Fair Sales/Athletic Ticket Sales

During the school day, all volunteers are expected to sign in at the front office. Prior to the volunteer opportunity, all volunteers must sign a Non-disclosure Acknowledgement Form and have successfully completed a Full Criminal History Background Check. Necessary background check paperwork is available on the ZCS website at the Volunteers/BRAVO link and should be submitted at least 10 days prior to the intended volunteer date. Volunteers must also view the state mandated confidentiality/bullying video, provided on the Volunteer/BRAVO website. The volunteer will pay the fee* for the full background check which will expire after 5 years. The link to apply for the full background check can be accessed on the Volunteers/BRAVO link on the ZCS main webpage. For more information, contact the Volunteer/BRAVO Coordinator.


During the school day, all visitors must enter via the front door and sign-in at the front office. Visitors need to be prepared to present a government issued photo ID which will be scanned against the National Sex Offender Registry. All visitors will be issued a visitor badge/tag to be worn inside the building at all times.

Examples Include:

  • Lunch Guests
  • Classroom Guest Speakers
  • Classroom Special Events (Grandparent Day/Famous Hoosiers/etc.)
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences

We ask that all visitors schedule an appointment to meet with teachers, counselors, administrators and all other staff members so that we may best serve everyone. Visitors other than parents/guardians must be prearranged and organized through the main office.

*ZCS thanks all volunteers for generous support of our youth and schools. Thank you, too, for supporting assurance of student and staff safety by completing and paying for a volunteer background check.

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