Ruby Reds January Recognition


The BEST is Yet To Come...

Isn't it CRAZY that we added 44 NEW Ruby Red Stylists in January? We have NEVER had growth like this. People often ask me (about becoming a successful stylist)

"Is it too late? Is it too saturated?"

My answer..."The best is yet to come! NOW is the time!" And yes - this is SO TRUE. I have been doing this for over 4 years. We have NEVER had growth like this. We would go months without celebrating a Ruby Red we celebrate EVERY MONTH. And yes....The Best is YET TO COME!

I was at a trunk show last week...two guests came in and said "I have been hoping to get invited to a trunk show for EVER....I was so glad to get an invite to this one!!". Yes....we hear this often. NOW is the time! Our brand recognition is getting stronger...women LOVE Stella & Dot. Celebrities LOVE Stella & Dot. Editors LOVE Stella & Dot.

You can shop our style online....but to shop it in person you have to have a stylish and fabulous friend. Our trunk shows are by INVITE ONLY! NOW is the time - it's up to YOU to INVITE others to shop & style! You need to BE THAT GIRL! You are fabulous and stylish!!

And guess what? No one has EVER left a Stella & Dot trunk show and thought "well that sucked" NEVER. NEVER. EVER. They leave feeling joyful and fabulous and EXCITED about their purchase.

So what are you waiting for? INVITE AWAY! Book some shows and welcome some women to our team. Aren't you so glad someone invited YOU?

Look Who Promoted!

Congrats to Jennifer Salmans on her promotion to Senior Stylist!!
She sold over $3,000 in January...and the BEST is yet to come! I see STAR power in her future! Here is a fun picture of her and her amazing sponsor Ashley Jones. Both of them ROCKING it out at Hoopla!

And Congrats To Our NEWEST LEAD Stylists!


Brooke Crosby

Top In Sales

#1 In Ruby Red Team Sales....THE FABULOUS...

Hilary Nauholz $ 4,644

Leah Hermesch $ 4,478

Kristy Pauly $ 4,401

Tara Renze $ 4,386

Jennifer Salmans $ 3,373

Jennifer Bitar $ 3,189

Leslie Staver $ 2,658

Anne Walton $ 2,648

Brigid Reisch $ 2,647

Christie Anderson $ 2,625

Melissa Sandmann $ 2,520

Angela Clifton $ 2,372

Mellisa Scholl $ 2,281

Elizabeth Krull $ 2,166

Jean Sweet $ 2,135

Kristin Yunger $ 1,840

Kimberly Valdivia $ 1,798

Jody Price $ 1,743

Jeanette Scott $ 1,633

Christina Kamberis $ 1,624

Brandi Browning $ 1,563

Laine Vitosh $ 1,555

Miriam Zavagnin $ 1,552

Anne Loden $ 1,466

Laura Tenholder $ 1,461

Billie Conger $ 1,431

Tina Scibona $ 1,427


Denise Guttery $ 1,363

Jeanne Polhemus $ 1,354

Erin Izzo $ 1,324

Christina Heptig $ 1,263

Laura Weingarten $ 1,165

Leslie Reardon $ 1,150

Brooke Crosby $ 1,128

Elizabeth Tridle $ 1,117

Emily Kuhlman $ 1,086

Rebecca Wilson $ 1,044

Brandi Richardson $ 1,016

Jessica Schneider $ 1,005

Top In Qualified NEW Stylists!

#1 in NEW Recruits....The FABULOUS...

Brigid Reisch with 2 NEW QUALIFIED Stylists!


Elizabeth Krull 1

Christina Kamberis 1

Jennifer Salmans 1

Leslie Reardon 1

Kristen Fine 1


Brooke Crosby 1

Alexis Goyer 1

Welcome to The Team!

We're SO GLAD to have you on this journey with us! I BELIEVE in YOU! The sky is the limit for all of you. You can achieve ANYTHING you set your heart and mind to. DREAM BIG. WORK HARD! Go for it! If you can dream can DO IT!

Why not shoot for the STARS!!! xoxo

Jenna Saxon - Blairsville GA

Stacie Walter - Parkville MO

Kristin Yunger - Overland Park KS

Jennifer Bitar - Overland Park KS

Jennifer Spradlin - Fort Worth TX

Kira Hujo - Apo AE

Michelle West - Overland Park KS

Janel Thomas - Catonsville MD

Jennifer Millimet - Southlake TX

Amy Langford - Overland Park KS

Jennifer Ebert - Kansas City MO

Ella Wood - Chicago IL

Deana Werkowitch - Louisburg KS

Molly O'byrne - Kansas City MO

Julie Williams - Omaha NE

Elizabeth Ross - Fort Worth TX

Holly Loudermilk - Overland Park KS

Marissa Wiley - Terre Haute IN

Susan Steenbergen - Russellville MO

Athena Belohlavek - Carthage NY

Alicia Schofield - Fort Leavenworth KS

Kim Spence - Shawnee KS

Emma Monson - Lenexa KS

Laura Mccolley - Sheridan WY

Erin Greif - Wichita KS

Elizabeth Wand - Kansas City MO

Victoria Sheldon - Overland Park KS

Morgan Griffin - Olathe KS

Erica Dale - Kansas City MO

Amanda Hurdt - Danville IN

Lyndsey Omalley - Prairie Village KS

Teresa Blair - Overland Park KS

Sommer Capps - Austin TX

Michelle French - Merriam KS

Debra Albert - New Kensington PA

Amber Oxford - Wichita KS

Shanda Kalwei - Lees Summit MO

Judyann Balukoff - Boise ID

Sara Crome - Hanover KS

Kourtney Carson - Mulvane KS

Jennifer Parish - Blue Springs MO

Mindy Skidmore - Smithville MO

Nicole Berg - Shawnee KS

Juliette Tria - Austin TX

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· You have earned Level 2+ of Jumpstart For All (PRV of >$5K since 1/9) with the intention of joining our 'Track to Star' Training Program on March 1st
· You have Sponsored at least 1 new Stylist since January 1st (who has gone on to qualify)

Tara Renze

Senior Director & Founding Leader
Stella & Dot Independent Stylists