Marcy Boyd, Senior Team Leader

Owl Dynasty Designer Spotlight


Thought it'd be fun to put the spotlight on some of our teammates we go!

I'm Marcy Boyd from Hillsboro, Ohio

I am married to my senior sweetheart--it will be 10 years in July!

We have two wonderful little ones: 4 year old Ann and 7 year old Carter.

I joined O2 on July 24th 2012---after what seemed an eternity waiting...but so worth it!

Origami Owl and Me

O2 has allowed me to: take my husband to CABO for his birthday in February!!!

O2 has given me more than I expected: I am pleasantly surprised with all the friendships I have been able to build since joining and building my team. It has been fun meeting and seeing other designers at different O2 events.

One goal I am currently working toward with my business: I have many goals/things to work towards with O2: help paying bills, getting more organized, building my team etc.

But one goal I have is to communicate better with my Hostesses. I have been guilty of giving them the hostess packet and not getting back with them again until right before the party!! I am using my calendar more and giving myself "check points" as the party gets closer. I would like to use FaceBook better with the events and posting pictures and ideas for guests to see. Any advice would be helpful lol

Wise words and advice for "OWL" the others.....

Do give yourself a "break" from your business but not too much.

I get burnt out (and my family too) when I have been sorting orders 4 nights in a row and haven't seen my kithcen table for a week and a half!! My kids get tired of me going to another Jewelry Bar or meeting another lady with lockets!

Continue to check in periodically during your break though! (Don't take 3 weeks to 3 months off without being in the loop!)

Set a limit for your break--of a week or two and have a date or week set when you will get back at it.

I know life happens (vacation, marriage, death, babies, job loss, moving, relationships, etc) but don't let O2 sit on the back burner too long.

My solution a two to three day break from my parties further apart or maybe several at a time and then leave your calendar open the next week, have people come to your house to pick up jewelry (I sometimes leave in my mailbox!) The beauty of O2 is that you have the power, you are the boss, run your business as little or as much as YOU want to!

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