Huntingburg Elementary School

January 11, 2019


Hungry for Knowledge

Establishing and Achieving Goals

Succeeding in Life

W.O.W. Winners and Raider Pride Celebration

5th grade -

W.O.W Winners- Kenley Ferguson and Adamaris Calderon

*My apologies for leaving these two names off the last newsletter.

1st grade Winners!
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2nd grade Winners!
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3rd grade Winners!
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4th grade Winners!
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5th grade Winners!
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Staff vs. Students games
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Accelerated Reader Winners

Students may enter the drawing for each AR quiz they take and receive above 80%. Way to go Danny Tobar, Marcella Valenciano, Ben Hoblitzel, and Trystan Armstrong.

Raider Court Kidz

Who: Students in grades 1st thru 5th that would like to show

their spirit for the Southridge Raider Boys Basketball Team

What: Two lucky students will be drawn randomly prior to

the start of each varsity home game to participate in the

starting line-up of the Raiders and to sit on the bench with

the team. They will also receive a Raider Court Kidz tshirt.

Where: The drawing will take place before the each varsity

game so we may be ready for the starting line-up of the

varsity game. Make sure you are there early enough to sign

up! The sign up box will be located in the southwest corner

of Memorial Gym by the office.

When: Two Raider Court Kidz will be selected for each

varsity home game. It will be a new drawing each week so

be sure to sign up at each game. You would be invited to

sit with the team for the first half of the game and then the second half is optional.

Music Programs -Save the Date

5th graders present “Jukebox Time Machine”

March 19th at 6:30 PM

at SHS Auditorium

4th graders present “On the Shoulders of Giants”

March 12th 6:30 PM

at SHS Auditorium

Southridge Singers (Huntingburg/Holland combined choir):

  • March 3rd: Sing the National Anthem for Women’s Basketball

    • IU vs Purdue

  • March 18th 6:30 PM: Southridge Singers Spring Concert

  • May ?: Sing the National Anthem for Men’s Baseball Game

Nurses Office Notes:

Dear Parents:

In response to the Indiana State Department of Health’s immunization requirements, the Dubois County Health Department will be holding immunization clinics at your school.Requirements for 6th grade: Tdap and Menactra. Tdap is the tetanus booster with pertussis (whooping

cough). Menactra protects students from meningococcal virus.Clinics for the 5th grade students will be held in late January or early February 2019. We are notifying

parents now for your convenience. The registration site is now open. Please utilize online registration and do so as soon as possible so that we can help with any questions or concerns.. If you need help registering, please contact Kate LaMar at 812-683-3372 EXT 3005. We will send out reminders to parents as the date get closer.

Clinic date at your school: 1/30/2019

Registration must be completed by: 1/18/2019

To register go to

 Please enter code: IN07917 to access your school’s site

 Select your school from the drop down box

 Enter your demographic information, including insurance information

 You will need to indicate the type of insurance that covers your student. If no insurance, please

indicate. (Your student may still receive vaccinations).

 We will review all records prior to clinic day and administer all indicated vaccines unless we are

notified by the parent (contact the health department- 812-481-7056)

Please note the registration forms mentions influenza vaccine, we will NOT offer influenza vaccine at

these clinics. If you have questions regarding registration, the entry of your insurance information, or

vaccine questions, please contact the Health Department at 812-481-7056.

Dubois County Health Department

"Give Kids a Smile Day" -Free dental care

See the attached flyer for more information

After School Beginner EV3 Robotics

The students in the After School Beginner EV3 Robotics class have had lessons in Robotics to understand robots, uses of robots, and robotic attributes. They have completed the inventory process, which taught them organizational skills, the language and use of the EV3 parts, and how to work as a collaborative team. These skills have been essential for building their educator robots. The educator robots will be used for the programming lessons and challenges, which will continue throughout the year.
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Classroom Activities

Kindergarten Happenings

Students in Mrs. Gogel's class enjoyed their holiday send off by wearing pajamas, playing games, eating snacks, and participating in a book exchange!
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First Grade Fun

Mrs. Mears and Mrs. Bolling co-teaching a math lesson.
Mrs. Mears’ 1st grade stretching out as long as a cheetah’s stride!
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It's almost show time! Backstage at the holiday program.
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Southridge High School JAG students helping Mrs. Mears’ class with ‘Grinchy’ adjectives!

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Grinch Week -First graders got the chance to participate in a Grinch themed review week. All subjects were brought to life by the Grinch! Here are a few of our fun pictures from the week!
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Mrs. Prusz's class enjoyed a breakfast buffet Friday morning. The boys and girls were experts at playing some Grinchy games in the afternoon!
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Mrs. Mears class enjoys popcorn as a holiday kickoff!
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5th grade students go to Mrs. Mears' room every Wed & Thurs to work with her small groups ...they are amazing and the 1st graders love it! Below they were reading a variety of ‘Gingerbread’ stories while eating gingerbread cookies! Fun, Fun!
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Second Grade Shenanigans

Southridge High School JAG students visited Mrs. Tooley's classroom in Dec.
The students enjoyed reading Christmas stories together!
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Third Grade News

Mrs. Main's students showed their Christmas spirit by bringing in $90.25 to purchase toys for this year's Toys For Tots collection!
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Mrs. Qualkenbush's class wrote personal narratives before Christmas break. Then, they typed the stories to a Google Document. Kensley Hiter and Nathan McCullagh shared their personal narratives with the class.
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Fabulous Fourth Grade

Mr. Widolff's indoor gardening project.
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Fantastic Fifth Grade

Mrs. Mundy's fifth grade students donated to a Shared Abundance "Give Back" holiday project. They decided to use the money that would normally be used for a classroom gift exchange as a donation. They ended up collecting a total of $230. The organization was very appreciative of the monetary donation.

Owen Blessinger, Keegan LaRoche, Jackie Dubon, Kenia Dubon, Camryn Nalley(front row)

Alan Melara, Maya Anderson, Mya Menke, Mariana Guijose, Ella Wilkey, Lupe Dubon, Alex Hohler, MaKenna Hiter (Middle row)

Jaxon Jewel, Mitchel Rasche, Millie Hunter, Ka'myra Jordan, Amerynn Fettter (Back row)

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Mrs. Thompson's December reading award winners for the Book-It program. Awesome job, Students!
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Today Ms. Brown's class visited Boston and explored the site of the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre through nearpod's virtual reality field trip. They also did board races with multiplying fractions.
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Mrs Hurst's Kindergarten High Ability

Adam Zehr fluently reads From Head to Toe by Eric Carle to students in Mrs Hurst's Kindergarten High Ability class. The students enthusiastically respond by raising their shoulders, waving their arms, clapping their hands, thumping their chest, arching their backs, wriggling their hips, bending their knees, kicking their legs, stomping their feet, and wiggling their toes.
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Library Media with Mrs. Bardwell

First and second graders enjoyed learning about augmented reality through an app called Quiver Vision.
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