Physical Education

Get Active!

Warm Ups vs. Cool Down

An example of a warm-up exercise is an activity that gets your blood flowing.

An example of a cool-down exercise is one that slows your heart rate.

Do Before and After Each Exercise

Be Like These Students Who Know the Importance of Warming up/ Cooling Down

Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better

What are some examples of exercises I can use?

Warm Up/Cool Down for Kids...on any surface

How Can This Be Useful In Classrooms?

I believe this poster can be useful because students daily go out to exercise as well as participate in physical education. These are even some things that can be taught instead during health. Having a video that targets children and link specific for children is helpful in making it more fun for them too. I believe online posters are a good way to target children to interact with plenty of lessons, and/ or rules. I would love to see this implemented in classrooms.
PE.1.C.2.9 - Name examples of warm - up and cool - down exercises.