Ecology Scavenger Hunt

By: Nathan H & Justin M

Biotic vs Abiotic


Wyatt here is biotic because he is living.


This is a dead mushroom which is abiotic because it is no longer living.

Autotroph vs Heterotroph


This plant is an autotroph because it makes it's own food.


This is my mom who is a Heterotroph because she is not able to make her own food.


This is my cat and this is mutualism because I feed him and he sleeps In my house. I get to pet him.


This is commensalism because my mom feeds me food.


This is parasitism because these mosquito larvae with become Mosquitos which will grow up and suck peoples blood and bringing harm to them.

Food Chain


The plant (primary producer)- goes to the beetle (secondary) - to this grackle - to the cat

Carbon Cycle

The tree takes in carbon to produce oxygen

My dad breaths out carbon

The cat breaths out carbon

These ribs once a pig, breathed out carbon as well

Nitrogen Cycle

It goes from the atmosphere to the plant and decomposers. Then into the soil to where the decomposers will create ammonium which will then create nitrates.

Water Cycle

It goes from transportation which the water goes into the plant and turns into a gas and then goes into the atmosphere. Then it evaporates into the clouds to condensate. After condensation it begins to precipitate the water back out.

Predator vs prey

Justin is the predator because he hunted the moth and killed the moth for food or no reason etc...