By Steven Mikhael

Why Ned Kelly was the most notorious Bushranger?

He was the most notorious bushranger because he could have been the hardest to kill with his protective armour that covers his body and face. Ned Kelly also stole more essentisles than any other bushranger because he stole 14 000 pounds which is 2 million dollars today. He took sheep and horses from other people.

What Part of Australia did the bushrangers operate ?

Bushrangers operate all over Australia. The Kelly gang operated in Victoria and Ned Kelly's last raid was in Glenrowan.

Why did they become bushrangers ?

People became bushrangers because they were poor .They would have food and water to eat also gold.But other Bushrangers were escaped convicts which are known as Bolters. Bolters escaped in desperate bid of freedom.Being in a bush without money was forcing someone to steal gold,food and water to survive.So that's what they commited.

Where bushrangers always bad?

The answer is no because it was all blamed on the Government.Thhe Government was corrupted so when they done a raid they just took the items from a human. Also Ned kelly's sister was harrassed by the Government.

What did bushrangers do?

They stole for a living by making raids on shops and farms.They took passenger's belongings and money.They stole carriages horses and sheep.

That was life for bushrangers but life for us is different.