Newsletter Week 2 Term 4

Golden Sands School Tuesday 25 October 2022


This Thursday is Shake Out - an opportunity to practise being prepared for Earthquakes and Tsunami. All children will practise what to do in an earthquake and then the whole school will do a practice evacuation drill down to Te Okuroa Drive.

What can you do at home?

  • Practice Drop, Cover and Hold for an earthquake

  • Discuss what to do if an earthquake has been long or strong ( 1 minute or more)

  • Ensure everyone in the household has an evacuation plan including what to take with you if you are able.

  • Get to know your neighbours - is there anyone that might need some help?

  • Know where the school will evacuate to in the event of an earthquake (The end of Monticello)

  • Here is a small video clip.

This week is a really good opportunity to talk in your whanau about what to do during such an event.

What should parents do if an earthquake/tsunami happens while tamariki are at school?

  • Follow the above rules to look after yourself.

  • If you are local at the time , we are happy for whanau to meet us at Te Okoroa Drive. You will likely be unable to drive, due to congestion of traffic, liquefaction or other challenges.

  • If you are not in the area, we would strongly discourage whanau from coming back to school or the evacuation area to pick up tamariki.

  • We would not necessarily have communication intact however you should know where we are going and listen to instructions from the media. We will always look after your children to the very best of our ability.

I know that some of the above instructions sound really challenging as a parent. The first thing we all want to do is go to our loved ones. Experience in both Japan and Christchurch has shown that people trying to get “back” to loved ones caused significant challenges and in some cases this was fatal. When the all clear is given and it is safe to collect children, you will know where we will be aiming to congregate and you can collect them then. Please make sure that the office has at least one other emergency contact that you are happy to pick up your child/ren if you can’t get there.

Learning Showcase

On Wednesday, we have our Learning Showcase. The purpose of the Learning Showcase is to empower our GSS children to share their learning with whanau. Learning Showcases are a key part of the GSS learning philosophy - that is, children leading their own learning. This is an opportunity for children to lead their parents/caregivers through a number of experiences in different curriculum areas.

Please book a 30 minute time slot for you and your child to visit their Learning Community. You can book via

Our school access code is 79ejd

What can parents/whanau expect from the Learning Showcase?

  • 30 minutes in length

  • Family/whanau are welcomed by your child to the learning community and introduced to your child’s Guardian Teacher.

  • Your child will lead family/whanau through different learning activities in the community

  • As a parent/whanau member you will see your child leading their own learning and sharing this with you.

  • As a parent/whanau member you will get to see actual learning activities that take place in your child’s learning community

  • Guardian teacher supports child where/when appropriate

This is not a time to talk to your child's Guardian Teacher about your child’s progress, please make a separate appointment if you have any concerns you would like to discuss.

Tā Koha

We are excited to be able to offer whānau the opportunity to revisit Tā Koha! During the show, we had a company filming and they put together a recording for us. Access to the link will be available from Monday 7 November for $10.00. If you have paid by 8.30am Monday 7 November you will receive a link to access and download later that day. This is a wonderful opportunity to have a keepsake or share the show with whānau that couldn’t make it. The fee that you pay goes towards covering the cost of the filming and editing. We thank you for your support over the last term with the show.

2023 Enrolments

If you or anyone you know are intending on enrolling their children to start Golden Sands

School next year, please contact the office to get an enrolment pack. We would love all enrolments for next year to be in at the beginning of term 4 so that we can staff appropriately.

Out of Zone Places for 2023

For 2023, we have 20 out of zone places for Year 0 -2. Please contact the office if you are interested. Applications for these places will close on November 20.


As summer is on its way, this week’s PB4L is focussed on being sunsmart and appropriate brain break behaviour. The key ideas for the next fortnight are:

  • We are sun smart, and always wear a hat outside in T1 and T4

  • We know to play in the right place at the right time during BB

  • We seek help from duty teachers, when needed

  • We wait for our turn, patiently

  • We share equipment, and return it to the right place when we are finished

  • We keep our hands and feet to ourselves

  • We use polite words

All classes will be working on these ideas.

Have a great week everyone!

Melanie Taylor

Principal /Tumuaki

Term 4
Monday 17 October - First day Term 4
Wednesday 9 November - Year 5 and 6 Athletics
Tuesday 22 November - Cooper Athletics Day
Wednesday 23 November - Batten/Hillary Athletics Day
Monday 5 December - Whanau Day/Fun Athletics
Wednesday 14 December - Last day of 2022 - school finishes at 12.15pm

Term 1

Wednesday 1 February - First day of school for 2023

The latest brochures have been sent to classrooms.

Please place your order by Friday 28th October.

Our preferred way for you to order is through Please do not return your paper order form to school if you choose this ordering option.
If you prefer to order with the paper form, these need to be returned to the school office. Payments for these orders can be made by cash or EFTPOS.

Orders are sent to your child's classroom when they arrive. However, if you wish to purchase as a gift, please select the "gift" option if ordering online or write office in the class if you are completing a form. We will then phone/ email you to collect from the school office.

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