Drama Through Movement

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a group of silent, motionless figures used to represent a scene, theme or abstract idea (for example: peace and joy), or an important moment in a narrative.

When creating a tableau the participants need to focus on their physical positioning, body language and facial expression. In creating a tableau the participants are putting themselves into a scene as characters with thoughts and feelings. They must ask themselves:

  • Where and how shall I stand?
  • What do I want the audience to think?
  • What facial expression shall I hold?
  • Where shall I place myself in relation to others?

Elements of Tableau

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Important things to remember:

  1. Your face should be visible and demonstrate an appropriate emotion
  2. Stay concentrated and do not break your role
  3. Choose positions that you are able to stay frozen in without moving
  4. Include gestures in your tableau
  5. Use your whole body to create the character you are portraying