Richmond Elementary Staff Bulletin

Making a difference today to create a better tomorrow.

October 9-13, 2017

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I BELIEVE you matter!!

I Believe in Helping Others Succeed

What was education like in the 80s? The Holderness family pokes fun at taking away technology, screens, and shows to provide their children with an experience of what life was like in the Glory Days. You've seen the reaction of the family without text, emojis, a PS2, and instead being part of a culture emulated by ratted hair, boomboxes, mixed tapes, vcr tapes, and pong. We face a world where engagement has changed as quickly as our devices. What are your plans to engage today's students and help them succeed?

Let's review: WE BELIEVE in me, in you, in we. We believe in relationships. We believe relationships help others succeed. We have chosen our WBWF reading goals as our building's focus this year. Below are several tips to increase student engagement in reading. See this webinar, presented by Reading Horizons Reading Specialist Stacy Hurst, for the complete list and further details.

1. Pretest with a Partner: Before handing out the pretest let your students know that the test will not be scored, that way we can lower anxiety and increase engaged learning. Pair students up for the pretest, then have them use the same set of materials for that pretest.

2. Stand Up Sit Down: Teachers can use this to help students differentiate between any two categories.

3. Thumbs Up Thumbs Down: You instruct students to put their thumbs up if they agree or put their thumbs down if they disagree.

4. Secret Answer: To do the exercise properly, have your students place their hand near their heart (physically) and hold up the appropriate number of fingers depending on what their answer is. This way, especially if all the students are facing the teacher, it is difficult for students to copy their neighbor’s answer.

First 6 Weeks Update

Weeks 5 & 6- Expectations to Teach, Model & Practice

Classroom Routines:

______Continue modeling and practicing rules and routines

______Continue common language

Instructional Expectations:

_____ Transition from Daily 5 and CAFÉ strategies to reading lessons (continue to practice and reinforce Daily 5 and CAFÉ)

_____ Review Daily 5 and CAFÉ strategies

_____ Continue to Build Stamina and Independence


Shout out to our entire teaching staff for implementing the new Math Expressions curriculum with fidelity. This is not an easy task, but your efforts behind the scenes are causing a surge of common math vocabulary and experiences within our classrooms. Thank you for making a difference today to create a better tomorrow!

Teacher Evaluation

Student Learning Goal (SLG)

Due by Oct 18th to Mrs. Holmberg

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Professional Growth Plan (PGP)

Due by Oct 18th

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Send to Brad Bauer

Teacher Evaluation Forms



Please complete your SFM training. Here is the link:

OUR WEEK AT A GLANCE October 9-13, 2017


  • Office Open
  • Mary at Truancy Meeting 9:30-12:00 Waite Park
  • Office Open
  • 5th Grade Kindness Retreat CSE/Discovery (Mary will be there)
  • 2:50 Advisory: Media Center
  • Office Open
  • 9:30 PreK-3 Admin Meeting
  • 2:50 SAT: Media Center
  • Office Open
  • Mary: ALC Meeting: 2:30
  • Office Open
  • District RtI 7:00 Board Room
  • Early Dismissal:
  • 12:15-1:15 Wonders Pilot Room A134 HS
  • 1:15-3:15 Wonders Presentation Auditorium


District Level

RtI (Response to Intervention)CI (Curriculum and Instruction)SD (Staff Development)Technology
  • Referendum: Keep technology current, ensure career and college readiness, enhance communication tools
  • More information October 16 Faculty Meeting

Report Card

PreK-3 Alignment

Teacher Evaluation

Building Level

Staff Meeting

  • Meeting 10/16 at 7:30 in library
  • Meeting 10/11 2:50 in library
  • Meeting 10/25 2:50 in library
  • Meeting 10/24 2:50 in library

Upcoming Important Dates

10/10: 5th Grade Kindness Retreat with Discovery Elementary

10/12: Picture Retakes

  • PTC Meeting 6:00 PM Lounge

10/13: 3 Hour Early Dismissal

  • 12:15-1:15 Wonders Pilot Training A134HS
  • 1:15-3:15 Wonders Presentation K-5 HS Auditorium

10/18: SLG, PGP Due; Family Groups (Jen and Carrie)

10/19: NO SCHOOL - MEA Break

10/20: NO SCHOOL - MEA Break

10/23-27: Orton-Gillingham Training

10/24: Vision Screening Grades 1, 3, 5 10:00 Media Center

10/28: PTC Meat Raffle at Corky's 1:30