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Hello reader! You may be familiar with the Great Barrier Reef. Think about if there was a Great Barrier Reef Resort! We intend to build a resort that will have 2,500 rooms. Imagine how big and tall the resort will be! Every room will have a balcony with a beautiful view! Who wouldn't want a resort right next to the Great Barrier Reef with a balcony and a wonderful view. You might be thinking why we would even build a resort near the Great Barrier Reef. The reason is tourism. Tourism is big near the Great Barrier Reef. Tourism can generate lots of money. It is estimated that the Great Barrier Reef marine park made over 5 billion dollars in 2005. Therefore, there could be a lot of money made from the resort. That money will be used for helping to protect the reef.

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About 1.6 tourists visit the Great Barrier Reef region every year and generate approximately 1 billion dollars a year in direct value. The resort will collect all the money that you pay for the resort and use it for the protection of the Great Barrier Reef and the park. Therefore, it can provide more things for you to enjoy. We know that if there is a resort like this, you will love it and enjoy yourself a lot more. If we build the resort, we will definitely take more steps to protect the reef. No one will be allowed to swim or boat anywhere near the reef. We will make sure to block all sides of the reef so that it is tightly protected. We will also have a strict rule that no trash can be littered. If anyone is seen littering, they will be asked to pick it up and will be given a punishment for his/her wrong doings. This will make the Great Barrier Reef a better place and a more enjoyable place. Please support the construction of this and awaken to a different world!

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