Fine Arts this week

February 5, 2016

Another GREAT week in LTISD!

I hope you all have had a fantastic week! There are so many wonderful events and showcases happening right now. I had the privilege of seeing the HBMS production of "The Bottom of the Lake." I was impressed not only by the acting but also the technical side that our students were running. Kudos to Amy McCarty! I visited LTMS this week too and was very impressed by what our Fine Arts students are doing! I saw some great student art work hung at both middle schools as well.

Finally, I love seeing a musical come together and I encourage you all to come see "Anything Goes!" this weekend. It is an impressive production and you will not be disappointed! Thank you again for all that you do! Please send me any updates you want to share with the team.

Enjoy the weekend!


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Summer Schedule for LTHS Fine Arts areas

From June 24-July 24, the Fine Arts wing at the main LTHS campus will be closed. This also will include the Performing Arts Center at LTHS. We will move all private lessons, etc. to the Annex areas as they will be open. This is largely due to the electricity costs during this peak season. Please plan accordingly.

Enjoy the LT Conference next week!

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An impressive work by one of Amber Forgey's students at LTHS!