Roberts Library Update

Week of March 4th

In the Library This Week...

Kinder: Author's Purpose

1st and 2nd - Continue working on Buncee. Students WILL need chromebooks.

3rd and 4th - Continue working on Dictionary Skills. NO chromebooks needed.

Add Students to Ice Cream Party List!

Don't forget to add your qualifiers to the following list for our Ice Cream celebration on Thursday during Specials.

Attendees MUST have met their goal, have at least 80% accuracy, and read the required genres (2nd-4th).

Also Don't Forget....

Let me know if your iStation report still lists students who have withdrawn! I have tried to get those cleaned up, but I might have missed some!

AR Override Password

Students are frustrated because AR is asking for the password on every test they take (although it IS in their level). This means you have updated their reading level, but you didn't update it within AR. Please remember to update those each time the level changes.

ALSO, remember this password should be CONFIDENTIAL. It absolutely should not be shared with students. I have had students telling me "I put the password in." The password is confidential to keep students from testing above or below their level without your permission. Please help me keep this secure. I will need to change the current password soon as many students seem to know it. Thanks for your help!

Prepare AR for the New Nine Weeks!

  • Set a new student goal and RECORD IT AR.
  • Record goal in LIBRARY FOLDER.
  • Decide if your students will stick with their current level, or do you want to adjust them based off of the latest ISIP score?
  • If you change your student's reading level....remember to get a new level sticker from me and record this new level on that sticker (highlight).

Don't Forget!

We have set up a bookshelf in the lounge. This is our adult reading section. If you have books you would like to add, go right ahead! When you see one you want to read, borrow it and return when you are finished!

Teacher of Innovation Challenge

Congratulations to the following teachers for getting a jump start on the Teacher of Innovation tech challenge!

Remember...every challenge completed earns a jeans pass and THREE IN A ROW earns the Teacher of Innovation luncheon in May!

**If you have completed a challenge, please invite me in to see it or snap a pic/video and send my way!

Congratulations to the Following AR Star Classes

First: Mrs. Sanders' class - 90%

Second: Mitchamore's class - 82.9%

Third: Rosenkranz's class- 87.7%

Fourth: Kneupper's class- 87%

Congratulations to the Following AR Star Students

First: Coty Kelley - 29.4 points!

Second: Adilynn Smith - 35.2 points!

Third: Landon McGinnis - 43.9 points!

Fourth: Audrey Washington- 133.5 points!

Winning Classes for 3rd Nine Weeks!!

First: Mrs. Sanders' class earned 391 points!

Second: Mrs. Richards' class earned 179 points!

Third: Mrs. Diehl's Class earned 289 points!

Fourth: Kneupper class earned 583 points! AMAZING!!

Look Who Made Reading Team!

Big picture