Sales Tax and Discount

Mekhi King

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Samsung Sliver 11.9 laptop

Original Price:129.99

Coupon Used: .45

Coupon Total: 71.49

Tax: .0875

Tax total: 77.75

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Original Price:119.99

Coupon Used: .20

Coupon Total: 95.20

Tax: 8.33

Tax total: 103.53

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Samsung 19" tv

Original Price:149.99

Coupon Used: .10

Coupon Total:134.99

Tax: 11.81

Tax total: 146.80

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Beats by dre

Original Price:119.99

Coupon Used: .05

Coupon Total: 113.99

Tax: 9.97

Tax total: 123.96

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Original Price:51.99

Coupon Used: none

Coupon Total: none

Tax: 4.55

Tax total: 56.54


From this project I learned that coupons can save people a lot of money from coupons. Without coupons I would have to spend over 600 dollars. I think that for now on ill look at the coupon and see if I can get a good deal.