March Newsletter

UPCCA Updates


UPCCA Board Members will be meeting with the Office of Child Care (OCC) and help determine how the child care money from the COVID stimulus will be spent! We will keep you updated!

CCQS (Child Care Quality System)

Applications can be submitted in June to have an upcoming Certified Rating. The Family Engagement piece has had some changes, including extra points for using the ASQ Screener.

Child Care Subsidy

The bill to waive the 8 hour requirement of attendance for subsidy has passed the State House and is now being heard by the State Senate! Good job Johnny and Kory, our Legislative Consultant and our Child Care partners, on making this happen!

Home Child Care Bill

We have been working with the legislature in regards to the bill that would allow non licensed Family Child Care homes to care for 7 unrelated children instead 4 as the current regulations allow. This bill looks to not pass this session as we continue to work with them with our concerns. Thanks to all that have emailed and voiced your concerns!

Large Bus Bill

It was brought to our attention that dual rear wheel 15 passenger busses were going over the weight limit to be exempt from being a commercial vehicle and requiring DOT registration, Medical Cards and Drug Test for bus drivers. We were successful in passing this bill in the House and Senate, moving the weight limit up to 13,000 GVWR so that will no longer be a requirement! It will be sent to the Governor's office to sign!

Annual Meeting/Board Meeting

We will be holding an Annual Meeting that will include elections for Board Members. Please let us know if you would like to be considered. Zoom info is below.

Upcoming Meetings

Member Meeting

March 18, 2021


Board Meeting/Elections

March 11, 2021