In My Future....

The valuable things I have learned will help me so mcuh!

1. Presentations

I feel so comfortable and confident in preparing an informative, interesting and FUN slideshow or presentation. I can use this skill in college classes and in my future job.
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2. Letters

I have always wondered if had been writing a letter, especially to bosses or teachers, correctly. I am so happy that I now know how to write a professional and appropriate letter. I truly feel like an adult taking care of serious, professional business when writing one. I can know email or send a letter to a college professor, senator, governor, etc. with full confidence in that way I sound.

3. Spreadsheets

In the beginning, I wanted nothing to do with spreadsheets. They looked big and scary and impossible for someone like me to be working with them. But know, I love them! I have a feeling that my future job will include working on spreadsheets. I can do them for my future job or even to organize things in my everyday life.
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