By Phoebe and Elizabeth


Do you think that we should continue testing medicines on animals?

Our Point of View

I think that animal testing is very cruel to animals, and should be stopped. Monkey's are addicted to drugs, cats have holes drilled into their skulls, pigs and sheep have their skin drilled off, and mice grow tumors as big as them. In this process, 2 million animals are being killed, and nearly 8 million are used in these painful experiments. Therefor, we think that animal testing should be stopped.


Many people argue that animals should gain more respect, but if you think about it, would you rather give the animals more respect than the humans? The animals have helped us in so many ways to find the cures that have saved thousands of lives. Every medical breakthrough has resulted from doing research on animals. Animal testing is an accurate way to learn effects in the human body. For example, if we use computer models , it cannot always predict the unknown that can be discovered through animals testing. At the same time, animals DO deserve more respect.

"...a basis for looking to the future, both in terms where primates may continue to be necessary" -Professor John Bell

Professor George Washington thinks that "...animal research is essential to tackling major 21st century health problems such as cancer, and heart disease. Without the use of animals, it would be impossible in many cases to develop drugs or any sort of medical treatment."

Animal testing saves many peoples lives.

Animals die everyday because of animal medical testing. The animals die to save many people. Think about what our world would be today if we had not found medicine to save people from cancer. Animals were the ones who did that for us, saved lives.


There are lots of thing that are wrong with doing medical testing on animals. According to Dr. Elias Zerhonni, animals deserve more worthy respect.
"We have moved away from studying human diseases in humans...We drank the Kool-Aid on that one, me included. The problem is that animal testing hasn't worked, and it's time that we stopped dancing around the problem. We need to refocus and adapt new methodologies for use in human to understand disease biology in humans."

Animals testing can also be quite dangerous. In the summer of 1987 a fire started that was caused by the Animal Liberation Front, a group commited to experimenting on animals. The fire near the University of California at Davis nearly destroyed 3.5 million dollars of damage. Some animals are killed every day, and are in horrible care.

"Animals deserve the right to live"


The testings done on animals are painful and harsh.

Ten medical advances from animal testing

Things that we found interesting

Some of the things that I found interesting were how strong and equally convincing both sides of this topic were. Another thing that surprised me were that some of the animals that got testing on actually retire to animals homes. I mostly thought that the animals in the lab are treated horribly besides from testing, but I actually found out that they are treated the way you treat your pet, only differently. The scientists try to handle the animals with as much care as they can.

Summing it all up...

Are you with or against animal testing? Would you rather have the medical testings be done on humans, or on animals? Animal testing is dangerous, painful and cruel. In addition, it is also wasting lots of lives, but animal testing results in huge medical improvements and saving human lives. It also is one of the most accurate way of understanding the human body.


Our point of view at the beginning of the project would have been no, we are not in favor of animal testing. But our opinion might have changed. Think about it this way, medical testing on animals or humans? Animal testing is cruel and painful to its victims, but wouldn't it be more painful on humans? Where would we be now without the important medications that have saved the lives of many humans? Most of these medications have resulted from testing on animals. Though on the other hand it's brutal and painful to animals. So what do you think??