iPad Toolbox

1:1 iPads, iPad Carts and the 1 iPad Classroom

A Brand New School Year

As we start the school year...think about this!

An Open Letter to Students Returning to School

Infuse Learning

  1. Go to student.infuselearning.com
  2. Enter the room number 29185
  3. Think about one thing from the video that inspired you or made you think or made you say, "I didn't know that!".


Use the Story app to create photo stories.

This can be use to:

  • Create a visual report
  • Make a vocabulary review with pictures
  • Show phases of an experiment/experience in the classroom to recall later

Use an iPad as...

When thinking about ways to integrate technology in your classroom, think about things you want to do, then search for ways to do these things with technology.

A great resource from www.edtechteacher.org

An iPad as...


TASA has created iTunesU courses for Texas high school students.

If you would like more information on creating your own iTunesU course, I will conduct training Thursday and Friday at 2:00 PM in Kaylin's room.


Padlet is a board that allows users to post notes.

This is great for brainstorming, need to knows, and an idea board.

Go to the padlet for this session and post a note by double tapping on your iPad screen.