Titahi Bay Intermediate School

Covid 19 Response Plan - 23rd February 2022

Dear Parents/Caregivers

We have been working through our Covid 19 Response Plan over the past week. With the increased cases of Covid-19 throughout our community we would like to inform you of our school response plans.

Our response plan covers different scenarios which we may encounter over the next few weeks and months. It is important that you read this so that you have an idea of how we plan to respond.

We will have a Four Stage system.

Stage 1: Business as usual - School programmes are not impacted by Covid

School is OPEN with all students learning on-site

Stage 2: Disrupted learning - School programmes impacted by Covid

Many students/some teachers are self-isolating

Hybrid learning - mixture of home-based and on-site learning

School is OPEN for learning with self-isolating students being supported with hard copy learning packs (on request) and/or Choice Board available via school website and Google Classrooms

Stage 3: Disrupted teaching - School programmes highly impacted by Covid

Many staff away self-isolating

Hybrid approach with class closures

Home-based learning with on line mentoring and hard copy learning packs are the main method of learning

On-site teaching priority for children of essential workers

Stage 4: Disrupted system - School programmes heavily impacted by Covid

Many students and staff away with Covid

School can no longer operate on-site

Home-based on-line 'Choice Board' or hard copy learning packs

At Stage 4 - we may need to make a decision to close the school, both on-site and home-based learning for a time until enough staff are available to continue on-line mentoring

We are currently at Stage 1 but we are well prepared should the need to move stages arise. The shift between stages may not be linear due to the circumstances at the time.

All staff and students are preparing for Home-based learning with hard copy learning packs available as well as students being able to access Google Classrooms in preparation of students having to self-isolate or learn from home.

We would like to thank all of our whānau for maintaining communication with us when having to self-isolate or are close contacts. By working together we can do our best to keep our students, staff, whānau and community safe.

Just a friendly reminder that if your child has been tested, please keep them at home until you receive a negative result.

We will notify whānau in more detail as we move to any new stages.


Titahi Bay Intermediate Team