Endangered Species Project

By: Jackie Rubalcava

Endangered Texas Trailing Phlox: Plant and Native to Texas

Texas Trailing Phlox: Background

  • This plant is only found in Texas and has been an endangered plant since September 30, 1991. As the longleaf pine forests disappeared, the trailing phlox did too.
  • It was once considered extinct and it was found again by Geyata Ajilvsgi of Bryan ,Texas in 1972.
  • Young Stems produce the beautiful flowers and have stems that are longer and a light green color. The old stems are darker green and have smaller leaves, and are usually found on the surface of the ground.
  • Flowering occurs during March through May and each flower has 5 petals.
  • Texas trailing phlox is presently known from only two sites, one being Tyler and the other Hardin counties, Texas.
  • These plants will remain evergreen if the conditions are favorable.
  • This species is also well adapted to fire.
  • The largest populations is on Roy E. Larsen Sandyland Sanctuary in Hardin County. It is managed and protected by Texas Nature Conservancy at Sandylands.
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Texas Trailing Phlox: Threats and Solutions

  • This species of plant has many reasons for being endangered. Fire-maintained forests, habitat loss and degradation due to site preparation , land clearing for pasture establishment, exposure to herbicides, and activities dealing with development are all a part of why this plant is endangered.
  • Some other threats include habitat loss and soil and vegetation disturbance.
  • To help we can monitor and protect known existing populations.
  • Determine the limiting factors on reproduction.
  • Establish captive populations to protect the genetics of the flower.
  • Ways they are being helped: Besides protecting the Texas Trailing Phlox on the sanctuary, the conservancy has also helped in presenting the flower to the Big Thicket National Preserve in Hardin County.
Texas Trailing Phlox


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