Ms. LeFevers class

Plant Life

Plant life in the desert has learned to adapt to all the bad weather and the heat.

There are many types of plants in the desert,such as, cacti, tumbleweeds, wildflowers, prickly pear, and the desert rose. All these plants have learned to adapt so they can survive.

Animal Life

Animals have learned to adapt by conserving water in there bodies. A couple of animals that live in the Desert are, kangaroo rats, rattlesnakes, scorpions, coyotes, and roadrunners. All these animals have learned to adapt so they can survive.


It is very hot in the desert. It is 68'F-113'F and 20'C-45'C. It is very difficult to live in the desert.It is very dry in the desert.It barely rains. It is a major threat to health in the desert.

it rains 5-25 inches of rain each year.


Deserts are mostly found in Africa and Asia.
Desert Biome L

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