My Empowerment, My Way

The Goddess Series (DC Edition)

The First Time in DC!!!

We are living in a universe of unlimited potential. As such, our potential is also unlimited and we have the ability to constantly heal and create who we are.

During this session, you will be able to interact with other Goddesses who, just like you, will be reminded and will also be instrumental in reminding others of their innate talents, powers and love.

By participating in this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn tools that will assist you in stepping into the Power of the Goddess. A few

of the tools that will be covered are as follows:


This workshop, first held in Barbados, has reached international attention and has been facilitated in New York, as well. Because of popular demand, it is being offered in Washington, DC in January.

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The workshop fee is now only $50!!!

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Be Peace...Be Love...Be Better ♥

My Empowerment, My Way is the brainchild of Ayesha NuRa.

Ayesha NuRa is an empowerment motivator who focuses on healing and uplifting the Divine feminine.

She provides counseling, coaching and expertise in countless areas that lead to empowerment.

Through the healing modalities of meditation, self awareness, self-love, and affirmations, women are reminded of their God-given ability to heal from the inside out.

She offers a range of services including consulting, relationship analysis, personal growth advancement assistance, sensual and emotional health seminars and workshops.

My Empowerment, My Way: The Goddess Series

Sunday, Jan. 27th 2013 at 4-7pm

733 Euclid Street Northwest

Washington, DC