Welcome to Aphrodite-Ethereal

Welcome to the Country of Aphrodite-Ethereal

The country of of Aphrodite-Ethereal is a large sized country
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Our flag represents Love out of this world .

Welcome to out country of Aphrodite-Ethereal

The size of our country is a large sized island off the coast of Bahamas . Our terrain constants of Rivers, Lakes, Mountains and is surrounded by oceans . Aphrodite-Ethereal is a population of 43 million people . The language that will mainly be spoken will be English , but you have a option to learn another language in elementary school . With our educational requirements we provided you to go to elementary , middle and high school up to the age of 16 , but if you drop out you must go to the military Girls 1 year Boys 2 years . If you graduate from high-school Boys and Girls serve one year we will provide you a free ticket to go to college any college you decided . If you work as a doctor , teacher , in the military we will pay for your health care . For one big family if one person pays then the whole family gets free health care for as long as they live . the retirement age is 65 and if your extremely ill or have a bad disease then you might be eligible to enter for retirement . Everyone pays 30% of their salary to the government for their the taxes .


Our six freedoms consistences of Freedom of Speech , Freedom to be a Homosexual , Freedom of expression , Freedom to speak your mind , Freedom of religion

Four things that are illegal

Murder , Going against your Country , Stealing , Doing any type of drugs .

Our type of government

Direct Democracy , Aphrodite-Ethereal is a direct democracy because we would like if our citizen had the chance to elect a person to be ahead of your government like how Barack Obama is president . And also we chose this type of democracy because citizen get to be involved in day-to-day work of governing the country .

System of Government

We chose the Unitary system