Conserve and Converse

The Truth Behind It All

Why is it so important?

Statistics show that Canada recently went ABOVE America in Energy Consumption. If we continue to consume so much energy and take it for granted them we would hardly have any energy for the future, for OUR KIDS. Yes we live in a cold country, but we need to use it EFFICIENTLY AND EFFECTIVELY. At a count of 35.16 million Canadians, we consume 94% of our energy. Crude Oil (29%), Natural Gas (28%), Petroleum (22%), Coal (7%), Hydro, Nuclear etc. (6%) will soon start to plummet for the ground due to our consumption. In the next 25 years our population will increase by 11 MILLION. The question is, WILL WE HAVE ENOUGH ENERGY TO SUSTAIN US?

Conserve, what else!

What can you do?

You have the potential to do SO much, so why don't we start by doing so little? As little as turning switching off the lights for an HOUR or turning off the television when you don,t need it, can do so much as bring down our energy consumption. Imagine if everyone does the same thing at the same time,how much energy we would save for a rainy day.

Create an AWARENESS in your home, school, community for others to follow.

"A Little Goes A Long Way". Talk and get the message across. It's your chance and your turn for a BRIGHTER FUTURE!

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