Sesame Street

Through the Years

Changes Through the Years 1969-2008


1969- Sesame Street is shown for the first time

James Earl Jones is the first celebrity to appear on show

1971-Maria and Luis join the show, Sesame Street now teaches some Spanish

Snuffleupagus also joins the show

1972- Count Von Count joins the show

Brazil and Mexico now have a version of Sesame Street

1973- Germany and Canada now have a version of Sesame Street

Biff and Sully who are construction workers join team

1974- The Netherlands have a version of Sesame Street

1978- Barkley the Dog joins the Show

Kuwait and Spain has a version of Sesame Street

1981- School skills begin to be taught (raising your hands, taking turns, etc.)

Sweden produces their own version of Sesame Street

1983- Israel and the Philippines have a version of Sesame

1984- Elmo and Telly join the shows

1989- Sesame Street's 20th birthday

Portugal and Turkey create versions of Sesame Street

1991- Norway premieres its version of Sesame Street

1992- Research shows that Sesame Street is reaching 92% of Caucasian, Latino, and African American pre-schoolers living in poverty

1993- Zoe joins the cast

1995- An estimated 120 countries now have Sesame Street

1998- The first Elmo's world is shown

2003- Two new sections are added in order to teach kids about the world they live in

Baby Bear's sister Curly bear is born

2004- Sesame Street starts "Healthy Habits for Life"

2006- A fairy in training Abby Cadabby joins the show

2008-"Murray had a little lamb" and "Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures" are added.

Sesame Street Statistics

*Children who watch Sesame Street as preschoolers scored 16% higher in high school tests than those who didn't

*Bangladesh 4 year olds that watch Sesame Street score 67% higher in literacy test than those who don't

*98% of parents say their kids made healthy food choices after particpating in "Healthy Habits for Life"

*Kid's who watched Sesame Street were 40% more pro-social than those who didn't.

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