Ms. Rooney's Class News

notes for week of 12/15/14

News for this week

Quick news:

Reading: Our students have started Book Clubs and all received new books to start reading. The students are very excited about the idea of having their own club of small groups of students all reading the same book. We have been working on not just reading the books, but developing their own club "rules" and ideas for discussion and how to read the books.

Writing: We have finished our persuasive unit and moved on to start writing expository essays. The students have gotten right to work and have already picked new topics and started to develop their way of how to inform the reader and present their ideas.

Also, don't forget that our Writer's Celebration will be on Friday 12/19 from 12:00-12:30 in our classroom. You are all invited to take a look at what your child and the rest of the class have been writing about for the past weeks.

Math: As you all know, we finished our multiplication unit and took our test on Thursday. Our next unit is Division, and we started right away with it on Friday. The concept of division may be new for many students, so during this unit we will be really taking a look at what it means to divide and how it relates to multiplication. Just like with our multiplication method, you may see some new and interesting ways how the students do their division work. We will be using some similar methods that the students already know, such as an area model and using adding and partial problems. If you have any questions about their homework or how a method works make sure to let us know!

Spelling: We just finished spelling unit 9 on Friday 12/12, and will wait until after break to start unit 10. Our spelling work this next week will focus more their spelling in writing and application.

Science: We are continuing our unit on Energy and will start doing hands on experiments very soon. Right now we are focusing on the concept of Energy and how it is all around us.

The students were given a science homework assignment on Wednesday that will be due on Monday 12/15. They are tasked with filling out an "energy log" by finding forms of energy at home, at a friends house, in the car, or anywhere they might be this weekend!


Energy Log due 12/15

Writer's Celebration 12/19 12:00-12:30

No new spelling unit before Winter Break

New math unit of Division started 12/12

Pajama day 12/19

Winter Break starts 12/24