Political Spectrum

Makayla Jensen is a Conservative

For the Most Part Conservative

Makayla took a series of quizzes which asked her to judge different topics based on her opinion. The first quiz she took was a written quiz. Once the questions were answered, it was graded and the grade given was her placement on the political spectrum. For general political ideology Makayla was a 28 out of 120 conservative. For philosophy on fiscal issues, however; Makayla was rated -9 out of -45 liberal. For philosophy on social issues Makayla was rated 12 out of 75. Makayla also took two other quizzes online. Both of these quizzes resulted in Makayla finding she is a Libertarian Conservative. Below are the visual results from these quizzes.

General Political Ideology

General Political Ideology. 28 Moderately Conservative.

Political Ideology

Final Political Quiz

For this political quiz I was also graded to be a conservative with libertarian views. In this image my location is show with the red X.