By: Spencer


Atomic Number = 79

Atomic Symbol = Au

Atomic Mass = 196.966569 amu

Group 11 Period 6

Electrons = 79

Protons = 79

Neutrons = 118

The Discovery

Humans have treasured gold all the way back to prehistoric dates. Nobody knows who discovered it because it was found and treasured before there were written records. It is thought that it was found in a river bed. Gold is traced back to about 6200 years ago.

Gold can currently be found 98% purity in Nahal Quinah, Israel. The 3 main countries for Gold production are China, Australia, and United States. These are where you can find most of the element. Gold is found from mining and some in rivers.


  • It is metal
  • Density 19.3 g/cm
  • Melting point 1064 C 1947.52 F
  • Most malleable element
  • Most Ductile element
  • State of matter: Solid


  • Jewelry
  • Coinage
  • Headphone Cables
  • Circuit Systems
  • Treating cancers - especially of the bladder, cervix, and prostate.


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