AC vs DC

The feud between the great Edison and Tesla

The Feud

For decades there has been an argument regarding who is really responsible for the creation of Alternating current that runs through most of our high power appliances today. Some may say that AC should be accredited to Edison because of his discovery of Direct current. Others say that Tesla should be the crown holder.

The Facts

Edison discovered DC current. Heck, you probably already know that from the first explanation. Edison's direct current was good at the time but there was a couple major flaws. It could not travel far, meaning it could not travel to homes that were located far away from power stations. It was also not preferred because DC powered devices were considered weak however they were safer to use.

Tesla to the rescue!!!

Tesla was hired by Edison in the late 1870's to make improvements to DC. After tons of research and experiments Tesla developed Alternating current. His research was related to the fact that all energies are recycled and never destroyed. When he showed the end result to Edison, Edison despised the idea. He claimed that Alternating current was impractical and that it was dangerous to handle. (There may be some truth to that).

Why AC?

  • Alternating current was able to travel greater distances than DC
  • Appliance received the required voltage to operate at a greater efficiency.
  • Household were now powered using AC

Lets not forget Ol' Westinghouse

Without Westinghouse, alternating current may not have been given to the public. Westinghouse bought all of Tesla's patents and was able to give AC to consumers.
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