Earth day!

in Tucson :]

ocean : cleaning up the ocean is good to clean to save many animals like fish and penguin

how its easy, the current takes the liter and goes in the ocean and you can help by picking up the trash .One day you can organize a day and pick up trash by the ocean.

sky : there is pollution in the air and 2.4 million people die because of factors ,vehicles,and pollute goes in oceans,rivers,and lakes . You can help by walking, riding bike other things that don't pollute the earth.

Earth day

Tuesday, April 22nd, 9pm

5102 S Cherry Ave

Tucson, AZ

Rain forest:The rain forest is in danger because people cut down tree and the trees help us breath and animals houses are being cut down.

home:At home you can tell your family to help you pick up trash and walk to the park instead of using a car or maybe you can take a bike.