Lady Colts Athletics

Weekly update Dec 7-11


8th grade CC results for 12-8-15 at CHHS District Meet

8th grade A Team standings:

1st Colleyville 32 points District Champions

2nd CTMS 42 points

3rd GMS 72 points

4th HMS 97 points

8th grade B team standings:

1st CTMS 23 points

2nd Colleyville 44 points

3rd GMS 74 points

4th HMS 91 points

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7th grade CC results 12-8-15 at CHHS District

7th grade A Team standings:

1st Colleyville 30 points District Champions

2nd CTMS 61 points

3rd GMS 72 points

4th HMS 87 points

7th grade B Team Results:

1st Colleyville 23 points District Champions

2nd GMS 61 points

3rd CTMS 65 points

4th HMS 94 points

Saturday's Cross Country meet at Bob Jones

Saturday, Dec. 12th, 9am

3901 North White Chapel Boulevard

Southlake, TX

Be at CMS at 7:30am, Bus will leave at 7:45am or meet me there by 8:15


Races will be run in the following order:

1. 7th Grade A & B Girls 1.5 miles

2. 7th Grade A & B Boys 1.5 miles

3. 8th Grade A & B Girls 2 miles

4. 8th Grade A & B Boys 2 miles


7th grade Basketball vs CTMS

A Team - 40-10 (Colleyville won)

B Team - 25-11 (Colleyville won)

C Team - 22-8 (Colleyville won)

Player of the Games

7th A team Kathryn Costello

7th B team Katelyn Hamzy

7th B team Ami Mangrola

7th C team Nishika Datla

8th grade Basketball vs CTMS

C Team- 19-8 Won
A Team 33-31 Won in OT.
B Team - 28-12 Won

Player of the Games

8th A team Dasha MacMillian

8th B team Sidney McGregor

8th C team Micah Keen

Next Basketball Game is at Coppell North Middle School

Monday, Dec. 14th, 5pm

120 Natches Trace

Coppell, TX

first game starts at 5