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December 7, 2015

Tisch's Tidbits

Wow!!! I can not being to tell you what an amazing experience I had while at The Ron Clark Academy. It truly was life changing in many ways. There was much sweet tea and peach pie to be enjoyed along with wonderful learning. I did ask for unsweet tea (only once) at lunch and was given the strangest look! Some of you may have heard about some of the exciting things I saw and learned. Many of the kids have expressed interest in implementing some of the ideas I saw at RCA. We have already started tracking with our eyes, gaining the floor and standing when speaking all while learning to have a conversation with each other versus raising hands and waiting to be called on. Stay tuned!


Wednesday night is WinterFest here at Union! Enjoy some fun and games for free all sponsored by the Dads Club. They love doing this for the students and parents of Union. It will take place from 6:00-8:00. There are still some volunteer positions open as well!

Chaucie's Place

Union Elementary is partnering again this year with Chaucie’s Place, a child advocacy organization in Hamilton County, to bring Smart Steps: A Body Safety Program for Children™ to our Kindergarten, 2nd and 4th grade students. Smart Steps is a child sexual abuse prevention and education program that empowers your child to say “NO!” to any unwanted touches that make them uncomfortable from anyone.

Our presentation was today and a letter came home sharing information with you. The children were very mature and respectful in class.

Union Express

Union Express is up and running. Remember, your mail will not be delivered without the proper address and stamp. If you need to print a stamp from home they can be found on the PTO link under Union Express as well as the full addresses.

Book Reports

The book reports were lovely! I truly enjoyed looking through all of them and even learned about some new books I have never read! Remember, we will not have a book report project due this month.

Book Exchange

Your child should have brought home a purple paper with the name/ideas of books of a fellow classmate. The children have decided as a class to only write who the book is to and not who it is from to make it more fun next Friday. Aim to have the books here by Monday if possible. So much fun!

E Days

While the weather has been fairly cooperative, there is a chance school may be closed in the future if Mother Nature decides to change her mind. For the first school cancellation, we will add it on to the end of the year in May. In the event of a second school cancellation, we will have an e-day where the children will be able to access the lessons on Canvas. The morning of, an email will be sent out with information. The children will have one week to complete the assignments. School labs will be open at specific times for children to work if they so choose. If you do not have access at home to internet at home, please let me know.

Have a great week. :)

Your partner in education,



December 9 Winterfest 6-8p.m. Union gym and cafe

December 11 Indiana's Birthday! A day of celebration!

December 18 Winter Party/PJ and Slipper Day

December 19-January 3 Winter Break


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