Walk In My Shoes

Austin Henderson


The leather boot making began in 1856. It started in Scottland. The North British bought a rubber company. The boots were built with a thick sole and with a rounded toe. They were built because people needed water proof shoes.


I like to fish and hunt in boots. They are good for mudding and running through puddles. I can work in the boots and while it's raining I can still work. When it rains I don't have to worry about getting my feet wet. In the winter my feet never get cold and never get snow in my boots.

Day In The Life Of Outlaw

Outlaw hunts, fishes, and works outside. He always wears boots when he does this stuff.

The boots will stop his feet from getting hurt, dirty, or wet. When he is turtle fishing he can step in the water without his feet getting wet. When he is working, if something falls on his foot he doesn't have to worry about it hurting.